August 13, 2009

New steeple, windows for Janes School (age 152)

Sooner or later, you knew we'd get around to this:

Crews working at Janes Elementary School have replaced the steeple damaged by a lightning strike during a storm -- in 1981. Let's see... um, 28 years later.

But wait, there's more! Summer renovations at the state's first year-round elementary school also included replacement of 150 windows dating back to the school's construction in 1857 -- that's right, before the Civil War.

The steeple, roof, window and door replacement project were part of Racine Unified's $16.5 million maintenance referendum, approved in April 2008.

Hopefully, no more major repairs will be needed until 2161...


  1. Pete:

    Check the RUSD maintenance records. There have been quite a few extensive renovations at Janes, particularly when the school commenced a year-around program.

    No, I'm not a teacher - just a RUSD taxpayer.

  2. Sure there have been a few renovations, but the windows were original. Again, the windows were ORIGINAL!!!! This district is messed up!!!

  3. It makes good financial sense to upgrade the windows. I teach in a different building where I am asked to turn off the lights when we leave the room, but you can feel the cold air blowing through gaps around the single paned windows (from 1957?) RUSD's response was to use silicone caulk! Save some money and the environment...update inefficient windows/doors/and insulate!