August 10, 2009

Chicago Tribune targets Racine

The JT fought off a circulation challenge by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, but now it appears the Chicago Tribune is eying Racine for new subscriptions.

The Tribune is offering cut-rate prices on its subscriptions, starting at 99 cents a week for the Sunday paper. For a penny more, $1 a week, you can get home delivery on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. A daily subscription is $2.75 a week.

The JS has abandoned its Racine County coverage and given its recent bloodbath of layoffs - 92 in one shot - it's unlikely they'll ever return to Racine for coverage. The Tribune push likely will meet a similar result, simply because the Chicago paper never writes about our community (they occasionally write about Kenosha).

The JT's prices are competitive. They're offering five weeks of daily papers for $7, or $13.75 per month of daily papers. You can get 13 weeks of Wednesday and Sunday papers for $26.

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  1. No thanks to the dead trees media format.....

  2. A guy came to my door today offering me a year of the Journal Times for 20 bucks, delivered 7 days a week.

    He had credentials, forms in triplicate, and took my check addressed to Journal I'm pretty sure it's legit.

    Either way, I get a year of the paper or I'm out 20 bucks...he said they were hitting neighborhoods trying to raise subscriptions and were so far having great luck by charging this...well heck yes if your newstand price is about 140/year.

    We'll see if I get my paper come Sunday.

  3. Yes, the Journal Times is available for $20 a year, but only for new subscriptions. If you've been a subscriber for, say, the past forty years, then it will cost you $213.20.

    Party on!

  4. I'm reading the Post and the Trib online. The JT is a joke and I gave up on it a while ago.

  5. Maybe the JT could rename themselves the "The Shoreline Leader" for all of the times that The Racine Post has scooped them on stories recently. Good job Pete and Dustin!

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  7. actually the trib has had at least three articles in the last 2-3 years featuring racine in a positive fashion.

    one was about the new ram building(okay maybe more than 3 yrs) another was about the wright homes in the area.

    sorry but the trib treats racine well. the author is off base.

  8. Dustin and Pete may scoup the JT's, but they rarely get the story correct.