August 1, 2009

County Fair 'could not ask for more' from Sara Evans

Country star Sara Evans used a mix of new songs and old hits to entertain the Racine County Fair on Saturday night. The popular singer and her band (which included her sister and brother) played for about 80 minutes to a decent crowd at the grandstand.

Evans is releasing her sixth album later this year and she drew on the new material for about half of the concert. Among her new songs was "Feels Just Like A Love Song," which was released July 20 on country radio. She also opened the concert with a new song called "Desperately" and later added "Anywhere," which is about throwing away maps and loving someone wherever you are.

But it was the old hits that brought the crowd to its feet. Evans gave a raucous performance of her No. 1 single, "Suds in the Bucket" (she had a group of young girls singing the words on the way out of the concert) and then later showed off her soaring voice in the ballad, "I Could Not Ask For More." She also sang her standard hits "Born to Fly," "Perfect" and "A Real Fine Place to Start."

As a treat to the live audience, Evans sang a stunning cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" along with her sister, Ashley Evans, who works as a back-up singer for her older sibling. The classic started a capella and turned into a borderline rocker. There was no borderline with the closing tune. Evans and her six-member band rocked out to Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me," which was a real crowd-pleaser.

All together it was a great night for Evans and the County Fair. It's clear Evans is ready to rejoin the limelight after a messy divorce (she remarried last year), and the fair got a great performance from a bonafide country star.

Here's some photos from grandstand seats:

Sara and Ashley Evans singing "Jolene."

The light show with the evening countryside in the background.

More of the light show

Evans' bus was parked prominently near the stage. Her tour was sponsored
by ABC Daytime and the Soap network.

Racine County Idol Danyelle Vyvyan opened for Evans.

The Fair Royalty was on stage before the Sara Evans' concert.

Before the Evans' concert,
I took a few pictures around the fair ...

This vendor was playing, "As Time Goes By," on the pan flute.

While my wife was eyeing this ride ...

I was queasy just watching this one roll around in circles.

We walked through the horse barn before the concert. So many beautiful animals ...
what incredible work by the kids who show at the fair.

And if you have no idea who Sara Evans is, here's the video for one of her biggest hits:


  1. I had a blast at the fair on Saturday AM. Look forward to it every year!

  2. Never heard of her, but she looks hot!