July 30, 2009

One application in for 10th District alderman

City Council President Q.A. Shakoor II said he's received one formal application for the council's vacant seat.

Thomas Gursky Jr. was the first person to put in for the 10th District seat vacated by Tom Friedel. Friedel resigned to become city administrator.

Tenth district residents have until Aug. 10 to apply for the seat, which will be up for election next spring. Shakoor said the council hopes to fill the vacancy by the end of August.


  1. Come one people! Where are all the big talkers from the 10th? Beth? Anyone else? Time to show you know how to fix all the stuff you have been griping about.

  2. Well, I know of another individual who sent off his application for the spot yesterday. Seems like there are a lot of people waiting until closer to the deadline? Going to be interesting to see if they actually pick someone with a genuine interest or someone who rubs elbows with them.

  3. The following amazing citizens live in 10th Aldermanic: Clina Barrette, Hattie Darby, Chris Gacek, Carl Lassiter, Dennis Wiser.

    Please, if you know one or more of these people: convince them all to put in an application.

  4. There are more people submitting their resumes I know of a few, I think they are waiting too :) Some others would rather just be a citizen that works with other citizens to make things better not be a "politician". Just whomever gets this position be aware, you better not be a "good ol boy" who just shakes their heads yes to everything. Won't make the 10th district happy

  5. From the 10th district all you'll get are liberals.

  6. Something wrong with liberals? It's for a district. It's not like they are making federal laws and regulations. The ideal candidate in my opinion is going to be someone who listens to the constituents, and works to get them what they want. I really hope the person who gets the spot isn't going to be working as a peon for someone else on the City Council. Too much of that already.

  7. Anon 1:16 -

    Do tell. Who are the bosses and who are the peons?

  8. I'm just afraid that they have already made up their minds and "picked their choice" I know there are good qualified people that have or will be applying before the deadline. We don't need another bobble head in that position

  9. Downtown Denizen8/01/2009 8:30 AM

    Anon 1:16: Yes, there is something wrong with liberals..., they're liberals!

    Liberals are the ones advocating the murder of unborn babies (and making it illegal to inform the parents and paying for it with tax dollars), same sex marriage, nationalized/socialized health care, high taxes with no spending limits, raiding the social security fund for their pork projects, giving illegal aliens free everything, disarming the American public so it can't defend itself against a tyrannical government, redistributing the wealth people have worked hard to gain and giving it to those who won't work, teaching children that homosexual relationships are acceptable alternate lifestyles, trying to remove God from every facet of our lives, removing the American flag from our classrooms and outlawing the pledge of allegiance, perpetuating the welfare base, and on, and on.

    Is there something wrong with liberals? You bet! They stand for everything immoral that is tearing this country apart. Liberal are the enemies of liberty (i.e. socialits/fascist), unless of course it is self-serving of some offbeat minority group to give them more votes or power.

    In fairness, the average person who calls him/her self a liberal is one who acts more with their emotions than with their intellect. Thus the term "bleeding heart liberal." Sure, we'd all like to have a "Star Trek" pefect society, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

  10. Thomas Gursky8/04/2009 4:47 PM

    I'm Thomas Gursky and I have lived in the 10th disrict for 16 years. I hope to be the one to represent our district because I live here and know some of our needs. I am a very open minded grandpa of 6 and hope to win your support. Please e-mail me your concerns to "gurskym@hotmail.com"
    please wish me luck in this quest as our district needs to be heard and I will do my best for us.