July 31, 2009

Dickert outraised Turner by $30,000 in mayoral election

John Dickert outraised state Rep. Bob Turner by $30,000 in the May 5 special mayoral election, according to campaign finance reports.

Dickert raised $66,759 for the mayoral campaign, including $32,244.88 after winning Racine's 11-candidate mayoral primary on April 7.

Turner raised $36,678.26 for the election, including $26,349.26 after the primary.

Both candidates were required by law to file a campaign finance report with the city by July 20. The reports covered candidates' contributions and spending between March 24 and June 30. Dickert won the May 5 election 55-45 percent.

The records reveal Dickert had strong support among local business leaders, including the Johnson family, while state politicians and unions backed Turner.

Turner received $6,685 from state politicians and unions in the weeks leading up to the special election.

Turner received donations from state Reps. Mike Sheridan, Mark Pocan, Pedro Colon, Barbara Toles and Jon Richards. He was also backed by the Teamsters, IBEW and the Racine Education Association.

Dickert received maximum contributions (about $800) from W.H. Pugh, Alan Ruud, Craig Leopold, Helen Johnson-Leipold, Ken Buser (head of Wheaton-Franciscan All Saints) and Charles Johnson (head of the Racine Police and Fire Commission). Fisk Johnson contributed $750 to Dickert's campaign, and Curt Johnson gave $500.

Despite being outraised, Turner was able to draw on previous donations to outspend Dickert by about $2,000 between the primary and special elections. Turner spent $34,856.55 from March 25 to May 1, compared to $32,434.34 for Dickert.

But throughout the entire campaign (including the primary), Dickert outspent Turner by about $17,000. Dickert spent about $57,000 getting elected, compared to about $40,000 for Turner.

The candidates major expenses include:

* Turner paid Craig Oliver about $11,000 in consulting fees. After Oliver was dismissed from the campaign, Joshua Stephany was paid $1,200 in consulting fees.

* Dickert paid Greg Bach $1,000 in consulting fees and WZW Consulting $1,500.

* Dickert paid Mission Control, of Mansfield Center, Conn., about $17,000 to handle lit pieces and postage.

* Turner printed his brochures through Walgreens ($580), Office Depot ($96) and Accurate Printing, in Kenosha, ($5,084). He paid Diamond Laser, of Racine, $4,784 for mailing service.

Odds & Ends

* Only a few aldermen donated to the mayoral campaigns. Alderman Ray DeHahn donated $160 to Dickert and $60 to Turner. Alderman Jeff Coe donated $150 from his campaign fund to Dickert. Alderman Ron Hart gave Turner and Dickert each $100. Alderman Mike Shields gave Turner $25.

* Turner loaned his campaign $5,000 and Dickert loaned his $6,000. Dickert's loans are paid back. Turner's loan is outstanding, but he still has $7,166 in cash on hand to pay himself back.

* Dickert, who's up for re-election in 15 months, has $4,617 cash on hand. He raised $4,933 after the May 5 election.

John Dickert's campaign contribution report | Bob Turner's campaign contribution report


  1. Wow, $11,000 for Oliver and then Joshua gets a tenth of that. It is kind of implied here that they were doing the same job. Maybe Joshua didn't put in the same hours or is a newbie that couldn't command a higher payment.

  2. Nice to see that Dickert spent $17,000 on lit with a Connecticut printing company.

    Thanks for kspending your money locally Mr. Mayor. I'm sure Rome printing would have loved the business in these tough economic times.

    Way to support the city you serve.

    That goes for Turner also.

  3. Interesting Documents7/31/2009 6:08 PM

    Interesting that Dickert has many local lawyers and J-Wax management in his corner (aka "back pocket") and that Turner has a bunch of local Firefighters (city employees) in his corner.

    I certainly hope Mr. Dickert does not abuse his power during city contract negotiations.

  4. $11,000 to Craig Oliver for "consulting fees"! He may as well as flushed that money down the toilet. Consulting fee is a nice way to describe inner city knock and drags. A disgraceful and unethical practice and a way to buy the black vote.

  5. Anon 9:30 -

    Nice racist comment. Your parents did a fine job raising you.

  6. As usual, money talks and B.S. walks in Rat-Scene thanks to the Waxtrash Corporate Crime Family. Once again, the Carnauba cash-cadgers possess a bought-and-paid-for pocket puppet in the mayor's office. Until the John-Swines and their lackeys are taxed down to size, there'll be nothing but corruption in The Rodent City.

  7. Dickert did a better job all around.
    Oliver is the death of any campaign. It's about ideas and turn out

  8. then again, craig won the primary and josh lost the general election....

  9. I am disappointed to see the Connecticut firm used as well. Just seems to me if your running for mayor of a city you might try and use that cities resources and give back.

  10. Old white people are the majority of the vote in Racine. That is it, case closed.

  11. Reporting by RacinePost.com.

    "Turner beat Dickert 180-7 in the second district's Ward 4 (he won the same ward 99-8 over Dickert in the primary). Our new mayor pulled just eight votes in Ward 11, compared to 94 for Turner. District 8 (Alderman Q.A. Shakoor) - Turner. Turner owned this central city district, 320-54."

    My questions to anon 10:13pm July 31 - - Two liberal democrats contesting the mayoral election May 2009. Overwhelming majorities for Bob Turner in certain wards. Did the voters of these ward see major policy differences or leadership skills between the candidates, or was something else in play? Did Turner get a better percentage of voters in predominantly white wards than Dickert in predominantly minority wards? Are you sure you want to allege racism regarding a comment about knock and drag?

  12. Here again these politicians show their true colors. They don't care about Racine or the people or the businesses in town. If they did they would have spent their campaign advertising dollars here and not out of state. They think of themselves first and only. After butt-wipe Becker got busted they came out in droves to run for mayor because they were "so concerned" about the city. Where was their concern when butt-wipe ran unopposed in the last election? Nope, they saw a chance for personal gain and power and grabbed it. Dickert's ethics are well represented by his dealings with Mark Jossart. Looks like he used the same ethics when spending his advertising dollars on his campaign.

    Turner is a whole different story. It's an absolute miracle he ever got elected for anything in the first place, much less managed to stay in office. And after his performance record in Madison, spending his campaign advertising dollars out of town is only what can be expected.

    As for the remark about "Old white people are the majority of the vote in Racine," if that was the case, I can't understand why one of the two conservatives running didn't win. What a stupid, pathetic remark. I bet the black and hispanic population love you for that one.

  13. You're an idiot. The old white people in Racine are DEMOCRATS. As for the "conservatives" you must mean Jody. That dingbat didn't win because her ideas are whacked and she obviously hates Racine. Maybe she should spend her time and money fixing up her house or finding a decent orthodontist.

  14. Ah ha! Now we know who you are. The Jody hater. Well, she wasn't the only conservative that ran for mayor. And is that the best you can do is attack her personal appearance? I'll bet you're movie star material, or is it just jealousy? We didn't see you run for mayor. What an ass.

  15. Indeed my hope is for Jamie to run again. He is the only conservative that has a chance.
    Now Dickert is hard to beat he really has not done much in the few weeks he has been in office, then it's only been a short time
    Holding out until I see what happens to property taxes and if he ends the BS Uptown Art Project and the fun and games with RCEDC.
    Should I believe we need new blood Jamie would be my guy

  16. really? Jamie? Did you watch the forums?

    Nice guy, not so bright at least not about Racine.

  17. In response to the couple comments about both candidates using out of town mail vendors. There is no political mail consultant in Racine.

  18. Patrick, please explain in detail. I'm curious, very curious about your comment.

  19. Anon 10:13. Racist comment? Are you that uninformed as to politics in Racine that you don't really know what goes on in the inner city during election times? Knock and drags only work in the inner city, in predominantly black areas. Call it what you want, but it is reality, unfortunately. People like Craig Oliver cash in big time because they convince politicians they can bring in the black vote by hauling them in, literally, on election day.

  20. Where is the 10 year plan?

  21. The 10 yr plan will be out in 9 yrs and a few months time.
    It will be called the last ten years of Racine.

  22. The plan will be revealed as things happen in Racine that are favorable. Hey "That was part of my plan".

    The Jody basher makes me like her more. Picking on personal appearance is pretty low. We wouldn't have elected most of our presidents if we went by looks. Pretty immature.

  23. The Dickert hacks are alive and well I see. Grow up.

  24. The ten year plan consists of feeding Illinois boaters free appetizers and opening a Hispanic Community Center (allegedly at no costs to the taxpayers).

    What don't you get about the plan??

    This is what a good mayor does, don't cha know??? (Sarcasm for you blokes who are touched upstairs).

  25. Other then our betters at J-Wax good to see business line up with our Mayor business invest in Racine to many unions suck the life blood out of companies.
    Think UAW. Oh wait that after BILLIONS in bailouts and Obama saying no more jobs leaving the county, did not know Mexico was part of this country.

  26. Anon- Explain in detail? There is no political mail consultant in Racine. There are printers, but no one who designs mail. Does JWax use a local company to do their ads? I doubt it.

  27. Colt, how you expect us to take you seriously when you don't even proof read your own comments before you post them? Maybe you should go back and get your GED, with special effort applied to English, grammar, punctuation and spelling. You come across as borderline illiterate.

  28. Anon 1:28. A wonderfully elitist statement. (sorry for not expressing myself in a grammatically correct, complete sentence).

  29. Patrick-

    I don't give a crap what J-Wax does!!

    What's that got to do with Dickert not using a local printing company??

    Stop trying to spin it.

    You make no sense and are quite frankly, insulting to any printing company in the city of Racine.

    Get a life and say hi to John Monday morning at work.

  30. "What's that got to do with Dickert not using a local printing company??"

    he COULD have used a local printing company.

    they were probably too expensive though.

    anyways, dickhrt=BECKER
    his cousin tom friedel=beckerjr

  31. Ok, let me try one more time. It is not a printing company it is a political advertising company.

  32. Anon 8:21 - I'm not a Jody basher, just read some of her past comments, she worked on her campaign on CNH company time, she is an extremist - if she runs again, you and maybe one other person will vote for her. She embarrased herself enough last time. I can't believe she'll do it again, however if she is still at CNH, she'll have plenty of time to run her campaign.

  33. Hey John - don't you have something to say?

  34. Anon 8:21, you are a Jody basher. You leap at every opportunity to attack her (both politicly and personally). I guess you are just so perfect yourself. We did not see you out there running for mayor. And your attempts to bring her under the scrutiny of CNH management is pathetic. Do you not know that CNH management encourages its employees to get involved in local issues and politics? If you had any spine at all you would not hide behind the anonymous moniker either, you would at least use your real first name. But you are apparently just a loud mouth hateful coward.

  35. Anon 8:21, if your the kind of person that votes for the likes of Dickert or Turner then I will vote for Jody if she runs again.