June 4, 2009

Night time sawing coming to Sixth Street

Here's an update on the Sixth Street reconstruction:
Most of the curb and gutter on the south side of Sixth Street has been poured and on May 27, crews began pouring concrete for the eleven foot travel lane and the eight foot parking lane.

AW Oakes received permission from the City to engage in limited night time sawing operations beginning May 28. Sawing creates joints in the concrete and is done at a mid-point after the fresh concrete is poured but before it hardens. Variations in temperature affect the time it takes the concrete to cure to the point sawing can occur.

Thanks in advance to residents and business owners for their understanding if sawing is necessary outside regular daytime hours. The project is not without its surprises.
When AT&T workers arrived to adjust five manhole covers over their vaults housing communications equipment, they discovered the vaults needed to be replaced. Oakes is "gapping out" sections of pavement to accommodate AT&T's work in the intersections and both companies are working with Wis-DOT to keep the project on schedule.

Over the next two weeks, the crews will continue to set forms and pour the remaining curb and gutter on the side roads and corners. Paving of the travel and parking lanes
will continue until the stage two work on the south side of Sixth Street is complete.
Outdoor Lighting is scheduled to come in this week to place light pole and signal pole bases behind the curb. Lighting poles will then be set in place and temporary hookups made to provide lighting during construction.

First Friday: The next First Friday is June 5. Crews are aware of the event and will work to make sure the street looks its best possible for the celebration.

Progress Meeting: If you want first hand information on the progress of the project,
plan to attend the next progress meeting, 3 pm, Thursday, June 11, 2009, in
Room 130 City Hall Annex, 800 Center Street, Racine. You can also contact the field office by phone at (262) 619-3556 or fax them at (262) 619-3558.

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  1. And maybe low income housing is coming to 6th st too. That is something I am sure that area needs.

  2. I am just counting how many times they tear up 6th St. Couldn't they do it all at once? Where is our fearless leader O'Connell? Low income housing is the most rediculous thing for our city to invest in right now. More empty housing. More low income housing. Our city is not in the business of real estate. Leave that to private individuals. Put your efforts into crime, gardens help reduce crime. It has changed my neighborhood. People come outside and feel safe. Handle the gangs. You have no business drywalling anything.

  3. Depressed In Racine6/04/2009 5:21 PM

    When are you folks going to figure out that the RCEDC, RAMAC, RDA, the common council, and this sure-to-be poor excuse for a mayor are not interested in using common sense or doing anything that is beneficial for anyone but themselves or their agenda? Agreed, city govenment has no business in real estate speculation. Jody's been saying that ever since she first started running for mayor. It is in direct competition with the real estate companies and investers trying to do business in our city. But now that the liberal left, and the complacent conservatives that won't get out and vote, have elected a mayor that comes from the real estate business community, I think we are going to see a LOT more real estate speculation being done.

    As for 6th Street, I don't see how it makes any sense to repair the streets and lure businesses to the area to create an up-scale art district and then load it up with low-income housing? Maybe is't so that when patrons exit the shops and theaters they can get mugged or buy drugs. Kind of a one-stop entertainment and crime reality show all-in-one. Now, if Dickert and the common council can only figure out a way to tax it...