June 5, 2009

Car enthusiasts come out to play...

Jerry Zewen and his '37 Ford; behind him is Carl Hipp's '55 T'bird

It was a min-preview of the Hot Rod Power Tour coming here Sunday -- with the warm, sunshiny weather everyone hopes lasts through the weekend.

The playground at Walden III Middle and High School was filled this morning with a few dozen brightly polished cars of all ages -- '30s Fords all the way up to '90s Corvettes, with a few motorcycles, SS Camaros, Pontiacs and even a fire truck thrown in for good measure.

The school's annual car show -- chaired by student Chris Roberts, 16 -- attracted car buffs from all over the region, including some like Jerry Zewen, above, who plans to leave early tomorrow morning for Madison, to join the big Power Tour. Zewen, of Union Grove, was showing off his 1937 Ford 2-door "humpback."

He's just the fourth owner of the car, which was done over -- turned into a hot rod, that is -- about 10 years ago. Zewen has owned the car for two years, having paid "over $30,000" for it -- "You couldn't build it for that," he says. Still, it's a far cry from its original sticker price (if they even had stickers in those days) -- you ready for this? -- of $850.

The all-steel car is completely original, except for the dashboard which now sports air conditioning, an option not offered in cars 70 years ago.

Zewen has "always" had old cars -- a Model A, a '33 Chevy, '39 and '40 Fords -- but this one, painted in Raspberry Pearl, a '92 Chrysler color, is his pride and joy and only hobby car now. He took it last year to Louisville, KY, to a show put on by the National Street Rod Association. That event drew 10,700 cars ... more than twice as many as Racine expects Sunday.

Pray for sunshine.

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