June 2, 2009

Historic home owners debate the need for city supervision of their houses

Photo from the proposed historic district by Pete Selkowe

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission drew 125 people and the new mayor to a public hearing Monday night to gather input on a proposed historic district in neighborhoods from Eighth Street south to DeKoven Avenue.

The majority tilted against the district, which would place restrictions on renovations to historic properties. Opponents argued the district would take away property owners’ rights without compensation. They added it ignored the larger problem of rundown homes in the district that needed work.

Supporters, who were well represented at the hearing, said the district would protect a historic neighborhood.

Mayor John Dickert sat in on the hearing, but didn’t offer an opinion. His main role was to settle down an enthusiastic crowd that opened the hearing by clapping and cheering for the first opponent who spoke. Dickert said such outbursts wouldn’t be allowed so everyone felt comfortable addressing the commission.

City Planner Matt Sadowski said the ordinance was designed to prevent a new home built next to an old home that wasn’t in keep with the neighborhood.

He showed slides of new homes that overpowered neighboring houses and another historic home covered in bad siding and a poorly built porch. “We’re trying to protect the structure and protect the character” of historic homes, Sadowski said.

Monday’s meeting was the first in a long process to get a historic district approved. The ordinance would have to pass the landmarks commission, then go througha public hearing with the Plan Commission, pass that commission, then go through a public hearing with the City Council and then pass the City Council.

The ordinance isn’t on a fast track. The landmarks commission won’t consider the proposal until July 6, and may not even vote on the proposal at that meeting.

If Monday’s hearing is any indication the proposal will face spirited opposition from libertarian-minded residents concerned about government intervention into people’s homes. Opponents took turns arguing the ordinance violated their Constititional rights, took away their personal freedoms and hinted at the coming collapse of our society.

Lost in their argument were the practical aspects of an ordinance that likely contains more flexibility than many suggested. While historic properties would undergo review for significant renovations, the ordinance is more interested in protecting the appearance of buildings than historical accuracy.

For example, if the owner of a historic home wanted to replace windows they likely wouldn’t be limited to wood frames. They could use aluminum or vinyl as long as they maintained the historic look of the building, Sadowski said following the hearing.

But the ordinance seemed to strike a deeper chord with people than simple renovations to buildings. Many who spoke argued the ordinance simply encroached on their rights as property owners. The city’s intention may be OK, some argued, but they weren’t interested in city input on any decisions on their homes.

“These properties are not yours,” implored one College Avenue resident.

Photo from the proposed historic district by Pete Selkowe

Landmarks commission member Eric Marcus ran the public hearing. He noted the proposal didn’t originate with the commission and that commission was simply gathering information from the public to consider how it wanted to move forward. Commission members offered no opinions Monday night on the proposal.

Wayne Clingman and a few other speakers offered a possible compromise. He suggested the city allow people to opt into the district if they want to.

Others went the opposition direction. They wanted every home in the district subject to the ordinance.

Any new construction in the historic district would be included, Sadowski said. But just because there’s a vacant lot doesn’t mean there will be a historic-looking home built. The ordinance only asks designers to consider surrounding homes in the new construction. For example, is the home roughly the same height as its neighbors?

There’s a good example unfolding now on South Main Street where a boxy modern home is being built among historic houses. Even with the historic district, Sadowski said, the modern home could be allowed because it fits in with neighboring structures.

But former mayor candidate Jody Harding saw a more sinister side to the proposal. Harding, who doesn’t live in the proposed district, invoked Ayn Rand in her opposition to the historic district, which she called a step toward a society where no “I” exists. She called the proposal “un-American.”

Roy Ramquist, 1526 College Ave., tried to lighten up the heavy hearing with an off-color joke. He noted one of Racine’s first mayors lived in his house. “There are no pictures of underaged women in the attic, so I guess he was OK,” Ramquist said. Dickert and the commission didn’t crack a smile at the quip.

Jokes aside, Ramquist suggested a compromise of have the historic district only apply to new construction.

Photo from the proposed historic district by Pete Selkowe

Supporters of the ordinance talked about their love for the neighborhood and their hope to preserve it in the future.

“All of the people I know who live in this area truly love their homes,” said Carole M. Johnson, 1742 College Ave. “… where we live matters deeply to us. We appreciate your concerns for our neighborhood.”

Another woman wanted to know how her Park Avenue home could be included in the historic district. She said the ultimate goal should be to have every home in the district.

“A historic district can benefit absolutely everybody,” she said.

But John Pettinger, 905 Main St., wasn’t buying it. He said the ordinance amounted to forcible restrictions on peaceful citizens and called the proposal “disgraceful.” He promised to take a historic door in his home, cut it into pieces and give one to each member of the landmarks commission if the historic district was passed.

Michelle Ortwein, 1428 Wisconsin Ave., supported the district. She saw it as an opportunity to receive information and help in restoring a historic home.

Randy Moles, 1833 S. Main St., backed the proposal as a safeguard on new construction.

“If the house burns down next to me, there’s no restriction on what could go up there,” Moles said. “The value of my property relies on the value of the properties around me. We’re all in this together.”

But Joshua Bloom wondered about the need for the ordinance. The historic homes in the district are well cared for, so why do they need what amounts to city supervision?

“I don’t see what problem you’re trying to protect,” he said. “We maintain our houses with no compulsion of any law. We’d be nuts not to keep them up.”

“If you do want to preserve the neighborhood, handpicking the best homes won’t do it,” Bloom said.

A couple of people asked why the DeKoven Center wasn’t included in the historic district. DeKoven is located just south of the district’s border. City Development Director Brian O’Connell said the construction of Lake Oaks senior apartments divided DeKoven from the rest of the district, so the property was left out.

Marcus asked if the commission could add the property. O’Connell said they could.

Alex Sarrazin, 1753 College Ave., opposed to the ordinance as presented. While he appreciated the intent, he didn’t see much upside for the owners of historic homes.

“Frankly, what’s in it for me?” Sarrazin asked.

Marcus assured the crowd that the historic district was still under discussion. While a proposal is out there, it’s not a guarantee it will pass, he said.

“This is not a done deal,” he said. “This is the public hearing for us to understand your concerns.”


  1. Jody Harding should have spent the evening fixing up her house. The trim needs painting, the flower boxes are falling apart, and the yard looks like crap.

  2. If you believe managing neighborhoods the way "we" have always managed neighborhoods in Racine has been really successful. Why change?

  3. Jody Harding is trying to hate Racine more than any other mayoral candidate in our history.

    Having Harding and sinister mentioned in the same sentence was very appropriate. I bet she owns 100 cats or something.

  4. Historic districts are important assets to a municipality and should be positive investments to owners and residents.

    Having lived in Lancaster, Pa., for more than 25 years, I can testify to the fact that older buildings – both residential and commercial – are considered treasures. In Lancaster, people who love and value unique old buildings compete to move into an historic district where they are sure their investment will appreciate. Others, with home remodeling skills, regularly buy older buildings that have seen better days and have made them showpieces as well as examples of living history.

    In 1967 Lancaster City Council created a local historic district to protect its architecture—the structures that shelter families and businesses —and to ensure that these buildings will continue to be an asset for future. Lancaster’s architecture is famous nationally for its quality and the ambiance it lends to the community, and walking tours are a popular activity there with historic-minded tourists coming to the area especially to stroll, enjoy and photograph the historic districts – and purchase in the area.See this link for pictures and more details: http://cityoflancasterpa.com/lancastercity/cwp/view.asp?A=671&Q=518073

    I happily lived in a 1 ½ story brick house built in 1844 in center city Lancaster for about 16 years. Purchasing in this district, on what I considered the most unique and architecturally diverse street in Lancaster, meant that I would not be able to paint my house purple with pink polka dots. I was able to re-roof with (yes) regular asphalt shingles and could chose from a palette of many, many colors when I later decided to paint the house and the shutters. When I put my little house on the market in 2000, it sold quickly -- within one week – even though it did not have a garage as several of the other houses on street did.

    Since moving to Racine in 2000, I have noticed that – apart from the excellent work of Preservation Racine – there is less public interest and appreciation in historic buildings here. This is to be regretted, because these buildings are what make a city unique and draw new residents and businesses to a community.

    I hope the city and advocates of historic preservation will be able to educate people about the value of preserving and protecting historic architecture while the city identifies ordinances will be reasonable and practical.

  5. If folks want to be in this fine if not leave them the hell alone.
    The women who spoke of her inability to bring up her house to what might be required asked what would happen was was the answer to her question

  6. You know these same people were pissing and moaning about the brick street maintenance last year at a meeting at St. Cats. The question was raised about more brick streets in the area. Now they want to restrict homeowners? How easy a process would it be to make changes to your house? Why would I want any of these ninnys in charge of my property. Just look at how they slow things down for new businesses.

  7. Thanks for the great Jody Harding press. Somebody is a stalker.

  8. Dustin and Pete. (I also contacted Stephanie Brien).

    Eric Marcus referred several times that this was a "request" by someone. We need to find out WHO the someone is. Is it Dr. Moles? Is this the first part of the Mayor's "10 Year plan"? I really think that's the story here.

    Make no mistake, I want to see the beautiful historic nature of those neighborhoods, and all of the surrounding areas improved. But there are many voluntary ways to get historical help, and recognition without grabbing property rights away from people.

  9. Downtown Brow

    Councilman Anderson who is not running for reelection. So who is pulling his strings?

  10. Jody Harding6/02/2009 3:30 PM

    Yep, my home needs some work. So do most of the homes in Racine. Slowly, I'm getting mine fixed up. Who is going to pay for the fixing up of the houses of retired, or out of work, or disabled people? Shall we force them out of their homes because they can't keep them to some committee's "standard"? What about their rights as property owners and citizens?

    Those who accuse me of hating Racine are completely missing the point. We can't solve our problems if we don't acknowledge that they exist. We've spent 50 years "letting the government fix it." In Racine, that government has done such a good job of "fixing" things that people are leaving this city just as fast as they can pack their bags. Small business never even gets a chance to get started, thanks to all of the "protection" from our enlightened leaders.

    So keep on calling me "hateful," or "sinister," or whatever derisive name you thought up today; and I will keep fighting for YOUR right to run your business, keep your home and manage your life as you see fit.

  11. Bob Andeson sits on the board at NHS now. Besides this they want to regulate porches and fenses among other things. I do not think those pre fab house thingys they sell are so terrific, how will they hold up/look in 10 years. Can NHS be traced back to SCJ?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. We need Jody Harding on the student council. She will stand up for us!

  14. We need Jody Harding on the student council. She will stand up for us!

  15. Downtown Brown6/02/2009 9:39 PM

    Try that Link again. Thanks for instructions Pete!!


  16. Oh no not another District!!!

    Read more about it:
    Jacato Preservation District

  17. To you Jody haters, I have news for you: I was at the meeting and heard what she had to say, and she is absolutely right. The continued encroachment of government into our private lives and their imposed regulations on almost every aspect of our private lives and businesses IS, based on the original intent of our founding fathers, down right un-American.

    I heard her husband speak about the lack of historical sentiment in our country and how often beautiful ornate buildings are razed in favor of a parking lot or strip mall, and his admiration for those who do preserve our rich heritage whenever they can. But I also agree with him that privately owned property is exactly that - privately owned. To declare a historical district is admirable, but not at the expense of forced servitude of the owners.

    The "carrot" for this program needs to be tax credits. If a property owner wishes to opt in on the program to receive the carrot, that is his perogative. But, if a property owner wishes not to particpate, that too should be his perogative. Also, should a property owner opt in, he should also have the option to opt out, without penalty, at any time he wishes. That is the ONLY fair way to proceed with this project. Anything else is simply forced government control, and we have enough of that already! If Dickert allows this to go through as it is currently proposed it could be the first nail in his coffin for re-election in 2 years.

  18. IMHO Anderson was chosen to get this going because he is not running for reelection so when this happens he will not lose out.
    But who is pulling the strings?
    The Mayor should know that if the district goes down many will sell or damage their homes and walk away from them, and in this market there are few buyers. Thinking its not him.
    J- Wax I can see them doing it but do not see how they benefit
    can see how they can pull Anderson's strings.
    Preservation Racine may have had the idea but thinking they do not have the political will to do this because there will be push back. If anyone can find out who is behind it be THe Post.

    Note on the above if it all about the taxes and getting more money since the homes would be worth more on paper that would not be a good idea to try

  19. Great

    Harding not only hates Racine's future, but now she hates its historic homes.

    She has reached a new level, aptly called infinihate.

    Her only interest is self interest as she politicaly postures for some future run with shameless grandstanding while attempting to tell homeowners in that area (of which she is not one) what they should be doing with their lives and homes all while neglecting her own home.

    How much more fake could someone possibly be? What will be her next stunt to get attention?

    Her whole philosophy seems to be lead by compalining instead of lead by example.

  20. If Jody hates Histoic homes by wanting to protect proerty rights then so do I and many others in Racine.
    Here is an idea buy these houses from us then you can do what you will.
    Try and force us see what happens.

    Side bar note;
    After unrelated developments on something else I am working I think now its related to increasing the tax base.

  21. Hey Colt - how about let the people decide. You know, like the ones that actually live there instead of sending in a bunch of attention hungry bullies to grandstand for their own political gain.

    Jody doesn't care about those homes, she cares about getting noticed so she can run for office again.

    I say, let the morons from outside the neighborhood butt out and let the homeowners in that area have the conversation and decide what they want to do and not what Jody Harding wants them to do.

    It is their neighborhood and they should have the liberty to decide what they want to do with it - not some group of fake outsiders. If they want the historic district then they should have it, if there is enough opposition from the homeowners then they shouldn't or maybe there is a good compromise solution that covers most of the issues.

    Either way it has nothing to do with Jody Harding and anyone else that doesn't live there.

  22. Harding wrote"But former mayor candidate Jody Harding saw a more sinister side to the proposal. Harding, who doesn’t live in the proposed district, invoked Ayn Rand in her opposition to the historic district, which she called a step toward a society where no “I” exists. She called the proposal “un-American.”

    What a nut case. Even in the nwerer subdivisions, you can't choose the siding color, it has to be approved and can't have the same color of the house next to you etc. That isn't unAmerican.

    HOWEVER in this case, I am not sure that the city needs to have this historic district.

  23. You mean Harding doesn't even live there? What the heck was she doing then?

  24. Anon 1:02 The proposal will effect ALL of the citizens of Racine, Not just those living in the district. Because if the Committee is created it will be a function of the City Government, not just your litle enclave..It will cost all of us Racine Citizens tax dollars for your Commission...In fact your point that some of us should "Butt out" is out of bounds. The fact is with 15 Alderman, even if your 2 alderman were OPPOSED, the other 13 alderman could IMPOSE this on you!

    In fact it only will take 8 of them to force you into compliance EVEN if you DON'T want the district.

    Like her or not Jody, Who is a property owner in the proposed district; and several others are trying to look out for YOUR Liberty. The fact that over a hundred people came to the listening session was important. Some of them because of the Clarion Call of LiberTEA Racine.

    Jody, myself and other members of LiberTEA Racine DO support your FREE choice of opting into, or out of an Historical Group..We are opposed to a Top down Govt. Mandated loss of your freedom. In fact the day I first met and spoke to Jody she at several times pointed out our beautiful housing stock, and the many great things about Racine. So the idea that Jody "bashes" Racine,because she is willing to also point out some of it's short-comings is pure demagoguery.

    I don't know if Jody still plans to run in 2012, but having another voice speaking for the people, isn't bad for Racine, it's good to have the debate. So if you collectively want to create your own Non-Governmental district, no one is stopping you, and you won't need the Mayor or the Council's input. But that is NOT what the current debate is about.

    Of course some people don't care about the actual Issues they simply want to anonymously Bash and "out" others..

  25. So the truth finally comes out.

    This was all a political stunt by Jody Harding and her front group LiberTEA.

    Did you hear that people living in that area? You just got played by this self-serving group on a mission to make a name for themselves.

    What they want to do is cause a stir and then claim the defeat of this as a "win" for their organization. That is their real goal. Downtown just told you so.

    Get ready for LiberTEA to pat themselves on the back for a job well done and claim responsibility for the whole thing. That is their one and only goal. They hope to use this as a stepping stone to launch Jody 2012.

    Mayor was apparantly not a good enough position however for Jody Harding. She has annointed herself Queen and Savior of Racine. She, along with LiberTEA have decided what your freedom and liberty should mean for your and are trying to impose their vision on everyone else whether you like it or not. That really isn't liberty though, that is intimidation.

    Why do I say this? Harding doesn't even live in the effected area. What a disgrace. How dare you interfere with these people and their lives for your own selfish promotion. This is the most foul form of politics out there.

    LiberTEA isn't concerned about the interests of the citizens, they are only concerned about self interest. They will bastardize the word liberty to justify whatever they do. What an insult to this great country and the people that are working on solutions to get her through this tough time.

    It is their neighborhood, and their choice not yours.

    I suggest at this next meeting that residents that actually live in this area be given the opportunity to speak first and that anyone living outside of it that wants to speak should identify themselves as such and wait toward the end to speak.

    If LiberTEA wants to intrude upon their lives and their rights to decide what should happen in their neighborhood, then they should do it on their own time.

  26. 4:49

    Learn to read. As I home owner in this city have every right to express my thoughts on what I see as the City taking away YOUR rights. If they get your rights next up will come my rights.
    If you want to join go right ahead, forcing others to do so is wrong. Somehow 4:49 I am guessing you are one of those that seek to control what your neighbors do with their homes.
    Twin Disk is now starting layoffs etc even less of us will be able to afford the huge expenses this idea could bring about

  27. Colt

    Don't tread on me. If you want to represent yourself, go right on ahead but don't you or this so called LiberTEA group pretend to represent me or my interests. I am quite capable of doing that on my own.

    LiberTEA is not an elected body so they should stop acting like they have authority to represent everyone. They don't. They are trying to take away my liberty to make up my own damn mind and replace it with their agenda.

    Do they think we are stupid or something? Then again, this is Jody Harding we're talking about here who thinks that only the uneducated people in Racine are still here, so maybe.

    Jody Harding and LiberTEA's politicizing of this issue for their own gain is disgusting and shameful.

    Let these people decide for themselves what they want to do. They don't need your help. I believe these are intelligent, well meaning folks that care about their property and historic value their home provides themselves and the city.

    They may very well decide this isn't the route they want to go and that is fine. That isn't the problem. The problem is you, Jody Harding and LiberTEA trying to make the decisions for everyone else.

    Jody - you want to launch your next mayoral bid, then do it on your own damn time. You are shameless.

  28. 5:30

    See right now its a free country I do have every right to talk a public meetings called for public input about what the City is thinking about doing. I have no plans to go away. I plan to fight this as I fought the slum project in West Racine.
    I am far from the problem that 5:30 is IMHO the elites like you telling other property owners what to do.
    This fight has yet to really start. See 5:30 we know how to use open meeting laws to find out what is going on. My guess is you would rather not have the public know.

  29. Colt - you can speak and are free to do so. Nobody questions that.

    What is insane is LiberTEA attempting to think for everyone else and telling them what freedom and liberty means in their own lives.

    In fact, I'm advocating for the people that actually live in the affected area for their right to make their own damn decision without some group coming in and trying to dictate the conversation for their own political gain.

    If you live in the affected area, then go ahead! Voice your opinion and let it be heard. But also understand this - there are other people that live there as well and they have the right to be heard and might actually have different ideas than you.

    LiberTEA has no right to try to silence them by taking up most of the conversation at the meeting or accusing them of being anti-liberty because they like their neighborhood and want to see it preserved.

    Priority should go to the residents in that area. Leave the political posturing and self indulgence by LiberTEA for the end. Afterwards they can have their little meeting and congratlate themselves about how great they think they are.

    I don't need the show. I don't need the crap, and I don't need LiberTEA telling me what to think.

    Don't Tread On Me

  30. Urban Pioneer6/03/2009 7:29 PM

    Anon...Many of the people in LiberTEA Racine own property or live in the effected areas. Several of us property owners approached them and asked for help. They reviewed the issues and felt it was within their mission of Liberty and the Rights under the US Constitution, and decided it made sense for their group to speak. Some of them are residents, others property owners, and some Citizens of the City. As far I know they have never yet acted on an issue publicly. I understand it's a new group though. Thanks for speaking up!!

    Their support and those other's who opposed the proposal could save the city of Racine a lawsuit in the future. If we enact this thing and a property owner in the district refuses to comply, The City could Sue, and the ACLU could get involved with the lawsuit that could take years and millions of City of Racine tax dollars to enforce or fight, and probably lose.

    I also attended the open meeting that night but declined my turn to speak. Since my points had been well addressed.

    Also many of the people who were in support of the proposal seemed to think there would be "Money" coming to them to help with their expenses, Maybe you missed that..I Didn't.

    So ask yourself, Where is this Money going to come from?? Will it be out of the City of Racine's Budget? If so then ABSOLUTELY it should be fought by every citizen in the City..because the "Fix-up" money will have to come out of some other budget item.

    BTW I am a long time resident of the district in question and several of my family members and long time friends have homes in the district too.

    See you on the 6th of July...wear your "Anon" T-shirt so I'll know it's you..

  31. Did someone named Urban Pioneer just take a swipe at someone for being anon? Does that mean he is going to wear a shirt that says Urban Pioneer on it on July 6th?

  32. Urban Pioneer

    Where do you think you get off appointing LiberTEA as ambassadors of downtown? I think the residents are more than capable of voicing their own objections without the fake outrage from this group of whiners looking for attention.

    "Several of us property owners approached them and asked for help."

    You basically just verified the whole thing. LiberTEA would not have done this on their own - they were brought into it and thus fake.

    This whole thing was staged at the expense of the residents and their right to have a discussion.

    You brought in these clowns for your own personal agenda and hijacked the discussion from the residents. How disgusting.

    LiberTEA has no qualifications to add anything of value to this issue and nobody has voted them to be anybody else's representation. They looked at this as a media opportunity to get attention for themselves and push their radical agenda, and they did.

    What a sorry state of things we are in. I feel bad for the people that live in the effected areas that they were completely disrespected and used. They did not get a fair shake at a conversation because of the disgusting and deplorable actions of LiberTEA.

    Jody Harding, Downtown Brown, Colt, Urban Pioneer and the rest of LiberTEA - coming to a meeting near you to take it over and tell you what to think.

    Don't Tread On Me

  33. Jody - I see you are still posting on CNH company time. Maybe you should think about packing up your things at the office since they did not get the number of voluntary people leaving they were looking for. You look like a perfect person for an involuntary separation.This will give youy time to clean up your place. I suggest you worry about your property before sticking your nose into someone elses property.Lastly - most people have such bad taste and are so cheap, so in order to preserve this area these rules should be inacted.

  34. Anon 10:47
    Could this be the same Anon who constantly accuses Jody of "Hating" the people of Racine..Is now saying of those people in the "Finest" neighborhood, "Lastly - most people have such bad taste and are so cheap, so in order to preserve this area these rules should be inacted."

    Hmmm methinks a double Standard does apply? Anon?

  35. 7:22 AM

    The numbers I have say the vast majority of those effected agree with what we are saying, ALONG with them.
    Do not blame me that those who live in the area value their rights

  36. Colt - you must be one of those cheap bastxxxx's that have no taster. The I idea is to keep the area charming and not allow some rednecks degrade the area.

  37. Rednecks. Makes me want to put a bathtub in my front yard. What an ignorant snobby thing to say. This is racine not the Hampton's. You don't like the way I take care of my property then move or buy it from me.

  38. Redneck on both sides.

    Mother1/2 Mohawk 1/2 African American counrty born and raised. Father's kin from the hills of KY.
    Moonshine and 12 ga's Baby

    "My father died a farmer and I am my fathers son, My Uncle's went to jail for drinking whiskey and loving to play with guns. They may have not taught me much but they did teach me this when you mess with me or kin you pay a price in blood."

  39. It sounds like Colt via his strange quote is threatening people on this blog. Agree with LiberTEA or pay the price in blood.

    Great image for LiberTEA and it underscores their intimidation techniques used to accomplish THEIR objectives (including planting fake comments so they cn pounce on them).

    I hope Jody Harding is proud of her organization and the vile image they are promoting in the community.

    Great way to launch your 2012 bid. Barge in on a neighborhood meeting and spew your opinion all over it. You put yourself above the community so you could get attention, all while neglecting your own home. Disgrace.

    If the people living in the effected area do not want the Historic District - then that is absolutely ok! That is their choice and they have the right to have their voice heard and not muffled out by some un-elected, self indulgent group that has declared themselves saviors of the town.

    Let the people decide and not some fake group of wannabe politicans and social snipers. But I forget, this is Jody Harding who thinks we are all stupid. Apparantly she also thinks these residents are so stupid that they can't formulate an opinion on their own so she along with LiberTEA has to force one upon them.

    You don't represent me, and you don't represent this town. You represent yourself and have so blatantly proven it.

    Don't Tread On Me LiberTEA

  40. 11:47

    Maybe you should sober up a bit.

  41. Rich Harding6/06/2009 10:57 AM

    It's amazing how these anonymous idiots bend and twist things from the liberal left. Obviously, they can't read either. JODY IS A PROPERTY OWNER IN THE AFFECTED DISTRICT!!!!!!!!! Does she live in it? No. But that doesn't make the property any less suseptable to the forced regulations that could be imposed upon it! Her opinion, mine and the members of LiberTEA Racine just so happened to be right in line with 95% of the other speakers at this public hearing. The vast majority of those living in the area spoke out against it. Please excuse Jody for defending her own rights and interests in the area as an affected PROPERTY OWNER. It's obvious that you think these rights should be reserved only for those who shoot their mouths off before they know the facts.

    As far as LiberTEA Racine is concerned, I am the only one who mentioned the organization's name. I made it quite clear during the meeting that as a member of LiberTEA Racine I was concerned with the homeowners in the area LOSING THEIR LIBERTY to decide for themselve what is best for their property and their wallets. Also, do I think dictating to someone who builds a new house what color it can or can't be is un-American? You bet I do. That is a direct infringemnet on the property owner's right to do with his property as he sees fit, and in direct opposition to a person's right for the pursuit of happiness under the U.S. Constitution. The same goes for whether or not he can have a fence, put up a garage, install a satellite dish or replace the lawn with green gravel. It's HIS property, not YOURS!!!!!

  42. Rich - your wife better start looking fo another job. CNH does not like people posting on company time - as a matter of fact, it's against company policy.