June 6, 2009

Festival Hall playground closed for repairs

The playground outside of Festival Park.

This is hardly breaking news, but I guess it's "broken news." The playground outside of Festival Hall has been closed this spring for repairs. The 22-year-old playground is suffering from "wear-and-tear" issues, according to Civic Centre Executive Director Rik Edgar.

The city ordered replacement parts for the playground, but there's no timetable yet for the repairs to be finished, according to Donnie Snow, head of the city's parks. Until the repairs are made, the play area will be closed.

Even with repairs, Edgar suggested it may be time to consider building a new playground. That, of course, will be decided by future budgets.


  1. Too broke to fix ? Time to build a new one ? Give me a break.
    Over a few rotten boards ?
    Methinks our esteemed and overpaid boot licking lackeys calling themselves DPW Maintenance folks are a bunch of parts changing prima donna's and not worthy of being called craftsmen/tradesmen.

    Furthermore I don't think any city of Racine motor pool has a piece of equipment over ten years old.
    Here's an idea Donnie Snow Et. Al. quit buying the best of everything for those boot lickers and let them use and repair older stuff and spend some of that TOY money on the INFRASTRUCTURE.
    Jeez Racine isn't mowing parts of parks due to budget constraints and the grass mower is listening to the radio making $75k a year sitting in an air conditioned cab of a $50k lawn mower 7 miles wide and DPW cant keep up on grass mowing ? C'Mon.

    So sick of this garbage and cheap excuses, cant even have a park for the kids. I'm calling my alderman.
    Atleast the street bums and beer drink/seller Joe have a working boat launch.
    Many bad boards on the boardwalk piers at Festibal Hall too, guess fisherfolks, Racinian's and rich cigarette boaters wont be able to use those rotting out floating boardwalks next year.

    I will say the DPW did a nice job cleaning up Pershing and Sam Myers Parks for the Hot Rod Power Tour this Sunday.
    The DPW can do good if they try, but they only try 25% of the time, mostly god plowing this winter too.

  2. I think the first poster has some of his facts wrong. When did Rick Edgar become a spokesman for the city? After he threw Jerry under the bus?

  3. I thought about letting this article slide, but when you consider Racine's swing vote, I thought I should comment. It's a jungle out there, Jim.

  4. The carpet indoors could use a cleaning!

  5. That park looks head and shoulders better than all of the parks around the city. Those are sorely needing attention. Why not fix up and relocate the stuff rather then make it landfill.