January 27, 2009

Wisconsin farmer vies for White House Farmer post

A Madison farmer, Claire Strader, is in a tight race in the voting to pick a White House farmer. Out of a field of 49 candidates, she trails the leader -- Carrie Annie Little from Washington state -- by just a few hundred votes out of 17,000 cast so far.

The idea of a White House Farmer originated in a New York Times article by Michael Pollan, who suggested turning five acres of land on the White House grounds into an organic fruit and vegetable garden. The website WhiteHouseFarmer.com was created by the Brockmans, a family farm in Illinois, and the contest was born.

Claire's nomination says she "...is just the woman to turn five acres of the White House lawn into the nation's premier urban farm. Claire has worked in small-scale organic agriculture for 15 years, including her 8 years at Troy Community Farm where she turned a 5-acre parcel of weedy urban landscape into a highly productive and wonderfully beautiful vegetable farm. Not only does Claire produce food for CSA, market, and wholesale on this small urban farm, she also educates college students, high-school youth, and adult volunteers through the farm's internship programs." Read a story about her in the Capital Times.

Voting ends at midnight on Saturday, Jan. 31. What are you waiting for? Vote HERE! The top three vote-getters will be submitted to President Obama, although it must be admitted up front that there are no guarantees he will go along with the program.


  1. Urban agriculture is so critical control of our food is control of us.

    Thank you for posting this information

  2. Unfortunately, it looks like some hackers have taken it upon themselves to cheat for Claire: http://www.thewolfweb.com/message_topic.aspx?topic=556890

    Especially the one calling himself "evan" - he appears to have done it before as well...

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