January 30, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Paulette Garin

With so much economic uncertainty, what we should be asking from our government is Universal HEALTHCARE for every American citizen. Healthcare IS where we demand our tax dollars be spent!

Supporting failing, ill-managed industries will not "recover" our economy. Irresponsible lending practices and unfair tax breaks created our problems, and a multi-billion dollar bailout or economic stimulus plan cannot be allowed to succeed if it only serves to promote self-interests. A company with a solid business plan, innovative ideas and vision will attract financial capital. The American taxpayer does not need to "prop up" those at the top and hope for the "trickle down" effects.

We can weather economic uncertainty. We can learn new technologies and adapt to changing industries, but without health care, the promise of a secure future vanishes. The world is suffering from the economic downturn. For those living in a country with a national health care system, losing your job does not mean losing your medical security. What we NEED is access to quality, affordable health care for every American!

The elections of 2008 were fueled by hope and optimism. Our President campaigned on a platform, which included healthcare reform. Our state legislature listed health care as a primary issue for the upcoming session. What can we do? Contact our elected officials, who benefit from a taxpayer provided healthcare plan. Remind them of their promises that got them elected. Tell them that now it’s time to "show me your health care plan" and get the job done.

-Paulette Garin

Paulette Garin was a 2008 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress. She campaigned on a platform strongly in favor of Universal Single Payer Healthcare supporting H.R. 676-The National Health Insurance Bill. She continues to receive national recognition for her position.

You can reach Garin at: paulettegarin@yahoo.com and read her blog at: paulettegarin.blogspot.com


  1. Ms Garin,
    1) How do we pay for this?
    2) How do we not turn into another England type health care system with long waits and poor health outcomes?
    3) Do you trust the GOVERNMENT to make your health care choices for you?

  2. Speak for yourself, Ms. Garin!

  3. Every American does have access to quality & affordable health care -- its called get a job and work.

  4. She didn't win did she.