January 26, 2009

Racine Heat football team seeks players, sponsors

While it's Super Bowl week for the NFL, one local minor league football team is gearing up for a championship run this year.

The Racine Heat founder Hassun Liddell is looking to build on a 2008 season that saw them lose in the finals of an eight-man Gridiron Football League. But they need some help in reaching the next level.

Liddell is looking for players and sponsors to help the Heat. Here's who he needs:
  • Punters and field goal kickers
  • Sponsors
  • Indoor practice facilities for cold weather practices
  • Help securing Horlick Field for home games
If you can help out, contact Liddel at: darrylliddell@att.net or Daniel Mitchell at dmarquan@aol.com

Here's a brief history of the Racine Heat:

The Racine Heat was founded in 2006 by Hassun Liddell. The Heats First season in 2006 was surprisingly successfully despite the fact that we did not have a true quarterback, coach or barely enough players. Most players had to play both offense and defense.

The 2006 season ended with a 6-6 record. The Heat made the playoffs and missed the championship game by a last second loss to the Zion Cougars.

In 2007 the Racine Heat started it's season with high hopes. In the off season the Heat was able to recruit quarterback, Adreille Gaston # 7 And two runningbacks Gill Soto #24. and Erick Poplawski #21 . All three players came to the Heat after a strong finish in the 2006 playoff game between the Racine Rage and the Lake Shore Lynx. The Rage decided not to return to the 8FL in 2007 and many of the Rage players joined the Racine Heat. This Merger and a good tryout turnout made the 2007 season look very promising.

Though the Heat was truly looking like a contender for the 2007 championship they
were still lacking just one thing, a coach. In April, Liddell was able to recruit the
former Head Coach of the Racine Horsemen, Bill Bodie. Shortly after acquiring Bodie, Vinny Scacco Sr. from the RYS Vikings team joined the Heat organization as the Defensive coach.

The 2007 season began and the Racine Heat dominated going undefeated in its first 5 games. The tension mounted by week six when the Heat took the field to face the
only other undefeated team in the league the Lakeshore Lynx. Both teams started off strong, but in the end the Lynx proved to be the better team handing the Racine Heat their first Loss of the season.

Both teams went on to playoffs and won, setting the stage for a much desired rematch. Alas, the The Lake Shore Lynx defeated the Racine Heat yet again with a 10 point victory and joined the Kenosha Cougars as League Champions!

The Heat are confident that the 2008 season will prove to be the year for them to
achieve the ultimate goal and be the NSFL League Champions.


  1. No mention of the Racine Threat Football Organization?

    Everybody keeps turning a blind eye to the organization. We hope the city will wake up soon.

    Dustin, when will the Threat grace RacinePost?


  2. I'm a big fan of the Threat's, too. Send over anything you'd like us to publish, and we'll post it.

  3. What up no love for the Threat.....again? The Threat been around for a while now and everyone keeps dissing on them. I think the Threat are a much better team then the raiders!!

  4. Why would there be mention of the Threat in an article about the Heat? Why don't you focus on getting yourselves a story instead of raining on everyone else's parade? You guys do this immature stuff all the time. Grow up.

  5. Grow up?! When the Heat decides to play grown man football and not that little kid, 7 - 7 garbage, let us know. Until then, stay on the porch where the kids are and let us men handle the real stuff.

  6. Way to prove a point. Bravo!

  7. Our add is for recruiting purposes only. We ask that you keep all comments respectfull. Thank you in advance.

  8. The Racine Heat football team is still looking for players for all positions.Anyone instrested should come to pratice mondays @ Humble Park 5:30 & sundays 1:30.