January 26, 2009

Christmas House foreclosure sale called off

The Christmas House won't be auctioned off tomorrow after all.

Despite six weeks of foreclosure legal notices advertising a public sale of the former Benstead Hall at 116 10th St. by the Racine County Sheriff tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., the public auction has been called off.

Gray & Associates, the law firm for Central States Mortgage Company, which is owed $939,707.21 by Laurie Novak-Simmons, called off the sale with a faxed notice to the Sheriff's Department on Jan. 23. Novak-Simmons bought the beautiful three-story Victorian from the trustees of St. Luke's Hospital for $425,000 in 1997 and converted it into a Bed & Breakfast. It was first called the Christmas House, in recognition of its years of holiday service raising funds for cancer research; in 2007 she changed the name to the East Park Inn.

No reason for calling off the sale was given, and calls to the law firm have not yet produced any information.


  1. I'm sure she is out talking big and lying to people again, bringing new prey into her web. She is only digging herself deeper and deeper.

  2. I sure hope it catches up with her someday. It's obvious she was able to con someone - this women is a dishonest thief.

    Warning: enter into a business contract with her at your own risk. Expect the unexpected. And do not plan a milestone event with her - you'll be very disappointed.