February 25, 2008

JT webmaster snaps at reader

Here's an interesing exchange on the JT website between a reader and one of the newspaper's web employees. It's a good illustration of our local paper's arrogance and disregard of criticism. (And, no, we're not Toby.)



  1. The sad fact is that the JT blogs are simply rude all around. I don't know that I've seen so much name calling, snide remarks and put downs anywhere else. Sounds like the JT web guy was just responding in kind.

    It should be an embarassment to the JT and to the city of Racine.

    From what I know, blogs are meant to provide some kind of intelligent and well-thought-out commentary on the issues of the day. The JT blog has deteriorated to a rude chat room with peopla asking each other what they ate for breakfast. What a waste of my time. I no longer read the it.

  2. It has always been a chat room. "Blog" isn't the right term for it.