February 25, 2008

Wisconsin Fridge Poetry: Kringle me this, cheesehead!

Remember those magnetic poetry kits we had as kids? Little flat magnets with words printed on them that stuck to the front of the refrigerator? You couldn't resist making sentences, or poetry out of them every time you walked by.

Well, PortalWisconsin.org has created a Wisconsin Poetry Activity that brings the memories rushing back. Using the magic of the internet (and Macromedia Flash, which you probably have whether you know it or not), they've created a pseudo-refrigerator and stuck about 75 pseudo-magnetic words on it -- not just any words, but exactly the ones a Poet Laureate would need to describe Wisconsin: kringle, bratwurst, cheesehead and uff da among 'em. (But no Packers -- what were they thinking?)

In any case, the example above was taken from a poem submitted to the Portal Wisconsin site, and if our own experience is any guide, you will spend far too much time using your mouse to move the words around, trying to create your own poems. Go HERE to try it.

If you come up with a keeper, send us a screenshot! Just email it HERE.

Other, similar, internet word games are HERE, with themes like "artist," "genius," "romance," "office" and "gardener." All wonderful time-wasters.

And yet another tip of the hat to ExposeKenosha.com.

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