March 1, 2011

Top Five Reasons to Attend March 7's Empty Bowls Fundraiser

Racine's Empty Bowls 2011 fundraiser is 11 am. to 2 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. Monday, March 7 at the Masonic Center, 1012 Wisconsin St. Here's five reasons not to miss this great local event: 

  1. Lunch and/or dinner is taken care of. Show up and get soup prepared by Racine's finest chefs. 
  2. It's affordable. Lunch or dinner costs $15 per meal (you keep the bowl), $5 for children under 10 (plastic bowl) or $7 for "soup to go."  
  3. You get a handmade, ceramic bowl designed by local artists and students. See the photos below ... the bowls are beautiful, and so is the effort of the local schools and organizations who create hundreds of bowls for the fundraiser.
  4. All proceeds benefit local charities. Since 1997, Empty Bowls has donated more than $78,000 to hunger and homeless assistance programs in Racine. 
  5. People in our community go hungry on a daily basis. Empty Bowls is an opportunity to help people in need. Bring your kids and teach them there is always an empty bowl that needs to be filled. 

And a big bonus reason ... 

Honor all of the hardwork by volunteers who make this annual event possible. Here are photos of students at St. Joseph School and Walden High School who created and contributed bowls to the event: 

St. Joe's 

And students at Walden ... 

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  1. Dear Friends, Although "Empty Bowls" is excellent, it doesn't attack the source of our hunger crisis--the obscene maldistribution of wealth in this country. As long as billionaire boardroom bullies run America for their exclusive fun and profit, the rest of us will suffer. Alas, billionaires tend to be an arty breed of heartless twits for whom fancy flower pots and bedizened plant stakes are more important than suffering humanity. (If you don't believe me, take a look at our community art project and the oligarchic tribe which inflicts such nonsense on Wretch-Scene's paup-ulation. The last thing this toadish town needs is a parade of tarted-up receptacles in which, I predict, our local drunks will vomit early and often.)

  2. Since these fancy vessels are pots, I'm pretty sure that they'll be put to other uses which I can't mention in a family newspaper. Getting back to "Empty Bowls," it's a great event for a good cause. However, only a cradle-to-grave social safety net for our citizenry will banish hunger from our land.

  3. Meanwhile, kudos to all the "Empty Bowls" volunteers!

  4. Its our community taking care of our community. On so many levels. From kids to adults, the awesome restaurants, bakeries, groceries, and groups/individuals who will be donating all of the food!! The Masonic center also donates the space!
    I have much gratitude for this event and how people give..... even in difficult times.

  5. Amen! However, if we want to eradicate hunger from our nation, corporate capitalism must go.

  6. I completely support the feeding of the hungry as much as I support saving innocent unborn baby lives. Abortion is murder.