February 23, 2011

Prank call fallout becomes a firestorm

The fallout from Gov. Scott Walker's prank call Wednesday has become a firestorm.Click the links below to read each of the stories. If you just got back from Venus,  HERE's the original story.  Listen to the call itself here: Part One | Part Two.  Or, go here for a complete transcript.

Letter from State Sen. Tim Carpenter to Gov. Walker
Governor Walker, this tape would make Richard Nixon blush. If the recording and the items discussed by you are indeed your plans, you have no business being in public office  in our State, and should resign.

Is this what Democracy looks like?
"So we're trying about four or five different angles, so each day we crank up a little bit more pressure," Walker said to the man he thought was Koch in the prank call. "The other thing is I've got layoff notices ready. We put out the at-risk notices. We'll announce Thursday, and they'll go out early next week. And we'll probably get 5,000 to 6,000 state workers will get at-risk notices for layoffs. We might ratchet that up a little bit, you know."
-- Jessica Opoien, Iowa State Daily

Sen. Robert Wirch called the information revealed in the conversation "devastating." "This governor cares about right-wing think tanks and the Koch brothers more than he cares what the people of the state think."

Wirch was also glad he found out about the governor's plan to trick them into coming back, admitting that it might have worked. "Candidly, I think we probably would have given the governor the benefit of the doubt, so I'm glad I found out about his real agenda... We probably would have seen it as a breakthrough instead of a trick." 

Asked whether Democrats are now less likely to trust Walker, Wirch replied, "Yes. In a word, yes."
--Amanda Terkel, Huffington Post

Walker said at a news conference Wednesday that he "absolutely" did not include a budget repair bill provision on selling state powerplants as a means of rewarding Koch. Walker noted that the Koch firm had said it wasn't interested in buying the plants.
 --Steve Schultz, Journal Sentinel's All Politics Blog

Scott Walker's 'Dire Consequences'
It's not every day that a governor at the heart of the biggest political story in the United States is humiliated by the revelation that he managed to fall for a prank-call from a blogger pretending to be a libertarian billionaire. But like a good soldier, he ploughed straight ahead.

Wisconsin Dem: Walker has pushed us away from negotiating
State Sen. Chris Larson... called Walker "cocky" and "gullible" for believing that David Koch, the billionaire conservative bankroller, would call him up to discuss political tactics. On a tactical level, however, he called the prank a major blunder on Walker's behalf. "He just gave it all away right there," Larson insisted.
--Sam Stein, Huffington Post 

At the end of the call, the prankster says: "I'll tell you what, Scott, once you crush these bastards, I'll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time."

"All right, that would be outstanding," Walker replies, adding the standoff is "all about getting our freedoms back."
 --Seattle Times

The blogger behind the Walker prank call
"I joked with [the aide] that my maid Maria threw my phone in the washing machine, and that I'd have her deported but she works for almost nothing," Murphy said. "So I told them it wasn't really possible for them to call me back and I better call him. I thought it was so ridiculous, and there was no way I would get through,"
--Peter Wallsten, Washington Post

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  1. Hey Pete, How's it hangin. Why don't you publicize this. Have you ever taken the side of the truth?


  2. Just heard from a trusted liberal observer that he thinks the call was a setup. Walker was looking for a way to speak candidly about the issues, and he used the "prank" to communicate with right-wing supporters. Pretty conspiratorial stuff. Anyone agree?

  3. Where is the outrage over the admission yesterday by the leader of Moveon.org, the president's community organizing group, that he meets daily with the White House staff to plan domestic protests around the US. A White House that is a week late in responding to international issues but has time on a daily basis to plan domestic protests is a sign of misplaced priorities. We are heading to a major oil crisis and the president's people are planning protests in the US. This has to change.

  4. Removing comments? Why am I not surprised.

    Don't you want people to see who is behind this?

    Go ahead see for yourselves. http://buffalobeast.com/126/Fuck.the.troops.Ian.Murphy.html

    "So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo f*******g hoo. They got what they asked for—and cool robotic limbs, too."

    That's a lovely round up of left wing links. Why is the objective Post only covering the union side of this?

  5. "Just heard from a trusted liberal observer that he thinks the call was a setup"

    Conspiracy theory? No.

  6. After reading the comments I have one question, why are the conservative folks the only bright ones? They have such insight into what is happening, wake up liberals, you need to get your facts straight, listen to more of "Rush" and Sean Hannity is a @#$% genius who should be running this country. Then there is Ann Coulter, who should be heading up our Defense Department along with Michelle Malkin they would have the Mid East problems settled in one bombing and we cannot forget Sarah Palin who would "refudiate" the left wing dictionary, who needs a dictionary with Sarah around, its a waste of our hard earned money. Lets get together and hug a conservative for keeping us safe and providing our comedians with a steady stream of material.

  7. True anon 1:55, we get such better unbiased views from Salon and the Huffington Post and forthing at the mouth Ed Schultz. Those seem to be the sources unbiased Pete uses.

  8. Scotty is toast! Dems will never return to Madison. Which Republican 's will flip first? I'll put my $'s on the retired cop turned Senator from Racinewho has only 11 more months before his recall.

  9. Just in case anybody still had any doubts about Walker being a liar, this call should make clear that he is deceitful, devious and un-American.
    You cannot trust anything Walker says.

  10. Attacking the blogger who pranked Walker does not change the fact that Walker is a tool of the Koch brothers. Go ahead and mock the blogger, but he showed that Walker is just interested in busting unions and is willing to do anything.
    That's what you get from a guy who couldn't finish college. No wonder Walker hates education.

  11. The Republicans have won a battle "They have not won the war!"

  12. Walker is a picture perfect example of conservative brainwashing. I have friends like that -- listening to the Conservative crap all day long -- their like sheep.

    At least it isn't the born again Christian crowd -- seems like it's mostly the greedy taxpayer nuts!!

    Although Walker throws in a few God bless you and God bless Wisconsin's it's pretty normal.

    Hang on to your seats Wisconsin people are about to get a rude awakening. You think the smoking laws are pushy! You haven't seen anything yet. Your going to be amazed.

    We're all paying now for Tommy Thompson's sins. Which even Walker admits.

  13. and how is it any different from liberal sheep or liberal brainwashing?
    A majority of Wisconsin voters chose this now deal with it.

  14. If you think this shows the true Walker, have you heard why he left Marquette U short of graduating?