March 2, 2011

Capitol closed off, so Mason takes his office outside

The State Capitol is -- mostly -- closed off. Many entrance doors are blocked; even people with scheduled meetings with their representatives are being denied access. At first, representatives' staffers had to go down to the doors to get their constituents in, but even that was limited. We've even heard of a few state representatives turned back because they forgot their ID's -- or refused, on principle, to show them.

But where there's a will, there's a way. The picture above shows volunteers hauling a desk through the window of the Wisconsin State Capitol office of Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, so he could meet with constituents today -- outside, but alongside, the Capitol.Working in Mason's favor was the fact that his office last session was on the third floor, but this session -- because some Republican favored his old space and Republicans, thanks to their majority, have first pick -- his office is on the ground floor.

So setting up a temporary office outside wasn't that difficult. Mason and a few other lawmakers met with constituents outside this afternoon. No word how long this will continue. The temperature, by the way, was 24 degrees...

"We literally climbed out because we can't get to our constituents," said Mason. "It's taking a long time for me to get in. We're going to take our responsibilities outside and listen to what the public has to say. Even if the governor doesn't want to hear it, we do."

More on the story HERE, from The Progressive.

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  1. I love Cory Mason! I have seen him this week on MSNBC and he is a great young man. I wish I lived in his district.

  2. Super Cory, Keep up the good work

  3. This guy is a publicity loving joke. The fake temper out bursts to putting his desk in the snow. This guy doesn't represent the taxpayer, just the unions who got him elected. We can do better.

  4. Each day more evils will come out of Scott Walkers office.

    Thank you Cory for the hard work you have been doing for the people of Wisconsin.

    Interesting even the hard core Republicans are now telling me Walker is going to far.

    Thank you --- for going out of your way to take care of state business with us common Dirty SLOBS.

    I guess if your a union man, public worker or teacher your just a dirty slob in Wisconsin.

    Sign me --

    Just another Wisconsin tax paying Slob!

  5. And the fine Racine Post tradition of being the propaganda wing of Cory Mason continues!

    Keep up that objectivity!

    Gee Pete, who sent you the pics? Your daughter who works for Mason?

  6. Why don't you just change the name of the this site to the Mason Campaign Committe. It you are going to be biased at least include Rep. Turner so it is not so obvious.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    What took you so long for your knee-jerk anti-Mason, anti-Pete rant? Are you losing a step?

    You are a nit on a pimple on someone else's butt, and thus totally irrelevant to me.

    The question you should be asking is this: Is the story true? If it is -- and it most certainly is -- then what does it mean to your rights as a citizen?

  8. I don't doubt the veracity of your story Pete and I will take a shot at answering your question. My rights as a citizen are being diminished, not by Governor Walker but rather by protesters who are breaking the law. The capitol needs to be cleaned occasionally and it should not be a place where people are allowed to sleep overnight or make such noise as to disrupt the political process, nor should they be allowed to intimidate lawmakers. But these things are happening in the capitol and something needs to be done. Peaceful protests are an important part of our political process but they can't be allowed to replace or prevent a political process. So if my access to the capitol is temporarily denied, I blame protesters who are getting out of hand and breaking the law.

  9. Dear Friends, If you've been following the controversy surrounding the recent protests at and in the capitol, you'll have noticed that Senator Glenn Grothman (R, West Bend) called the demonstrators "slobs." Anyone who likes conservatism should ask Senator Grothman to moderate his language because dubbing liberals "slobs" induces them to to label conservatives "snobs." Down through history, irate victims of the elite have exacted retribution from their oppressors for such comments. The fates of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI subsequent to their complaints anent commoners' gauche deportment at Versailles are notorious. Later on, during the early eighteen-hundreds, Prince Metternich honked off Central Europe's hoi polloi by grousing about the disorderly condition of public squares and roadsides after demonstrations. (Following the Revolution of 1848, Metternich learned that insulting the rank-and-file could lead to loss of political office.) Here's hoping that all conservatives will remember these facts and refrain from abusive language.

  10. If you want abusive language. How about this blog from a liberal Gifford teacher.

  11. Well Pete's daughter doesn't know anyone at the JT or the Journal Sentinel, so apparently others thought it was news too.

    Keep up the great work Cory. When I'm done helping to recall Retched Vos, I'll be happy to help you with your next election!

  12. Pete,
    Is it necessary to name call? If you are going to be in this line of work you really need to be more thick-skinned. You could have just given an actual reply to his comment without a rude comment...

  13. I don't know if Cory Mason or Peter Barca can remember lines well enough to try out for Racine Theater Guild; but they do act well enough to perform on the stage of the Theater of the Absurd. Southeastern Wisconsin regrets that she has but only 14 to contribute to "Dems on the Run." At least some of our legislators (Republicans)take their elected positions serious. If we take the hard medicine now; the future will be more bearable.

  14. Bias is not only shown in what is reported but also what is not reported.

    This site claims to be objective but has only covered the union side of this issue.

    Hatred coming from a Gifford middle school teacher, ignored.

    Your pro Mason bias is obnoxious, and your reaction Pete shows that you know it, you just are not honest enough to admit you have no objectivity.

  15. It's pretty bad when our Representatives have to art there desks out of the capitol to do business. However when a Representative get s tackled in the halls by police this joke is over.

    How can we combat these total excess of power move? A genuine Mississippi or Alabama Governor in the Wisconsin Capitol. SHAME __ SHAME __ SHAME.
    Are we reliving the late 1960s -- I remember going to the Racine Police Dept. to make a complaint -- the building was surrounded with armed officers and the building was closed.

    Give me a break are we moving forward or moving back in time?

  16. GOD BLESS the "WISCONSIN 14" Give us liberty or give us death !!!

  17. If you read this story on JSonline you can follow the money to the root of what the dems are protecting.
    The money train leads to the big unions who give 98% of their money to dems like Cory Mason to protect them and their union interests in Wisconsin. After reading this story it is hard to believe any of this is about the children or worker rights. As usual it is about Money.

  18. Ricardo says again: Cory is my kind of representative. He makes sense, and is mature beyond his years. He really does communicate with those he represents! I want him to represent Racine and me for many years. He doesn't play politics - he says and does what is right!

  19. Denis N again raises his right wing stuff. Those at the capitol had the right to be where they were - and in a peaceful and open manner. If you couldn't get into the capitol - sorry - maybe there were thousands of people who had more important business than yours! I also do not shop in stores where the owners put their political line out there -

  20. Right on with your comments, Pete. You are the "Ben Franklin" of today. You have every right in responding to comments about your writing. I'm so glad to see you back in business - keep it up!