February 21, 2011

Madison and Lambeau from the air during 'Return to Titletown'

We first met Chris Wawro at the Monument Square Art Fair a few years ago, where he was displaying and selling incredible aerial photos. He takes the pictures while flying his Cessna around Wisconsin, Illinois and other locales.

Chris has a business doing this -- Aero-Fotografik, LLC of East Troy, WI -- but it turns out he sometimes also does it just for fun ... as he did after the Packers returned to Titletown after their Superbowl victory this year and when he flew over the State Capitol.

Chris sent us the video above, and provided the following explanation in answer to our questions:

I had no ticket to the Lambeau party. I viewed the event with at least a little cabin heat going! I felt enough of the cold when shooting through the open window! When it's that cold you have to wear gloves to keep the hands from freezing.

I kept having to wait out the winter storms to shoot night aerials of the Capitol. Wednesday, Feb. 2,  was a beautiful evening and relatively calm but unfortunately the airport was buried in snow with no plow service from the Village of East Troy until Thursday morning. I finally took off Thursday evening and was able to capture some nice shots of the Capitol lit green & gold for the Pack.

After confirming there was no TFR (temporary flight restrictions) in effect over Lambeau Field I departed for Green Bay. Lambeau Field was planned as a stills shoot but I grabbed the Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder just in case and am glad I did. When I arrived on site there was another Cessna circling at a lower altitude so I chose to remain higher at 2,000 ft. We were all in contact with the tower and maintained proper separation. After that Cessna departed a helicopter arrived and did an orbit or two then departed. I then had the airspace to myself and completed my shoot.

Stills were captured with the Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII & 5D MkII. Aerial video was shot with the Panasonic HDC-TM700 3MOS Camcorder. Aircraft used was the Cessna 172. Altitude shot from was 2,000-3,000 ft. Solo flights.

Here's a picture of Chris that we took a couple of years ago

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