October 31, 2010

The monster arrived on something new this year...

The pagan ritual of giving all the neighborhood kids tooth decay continued Sunday, as little beggers dressed as Elvis, wrestlers I never heard of, princesses and all sorts of monsters rang the doorbell.

"Trick or treat" said the older ones. "Happy Halloween" said the younger ones, not quite "getting" how this is supposed to work. No matter: everyone left with a handful of candy and a smile.

There seemed fewer than in prior years. I attribute the shortage to the earlier-in-the-afternoon Packers game, or the Vickings-Patriots battle that was going on during Trick-or-treat hours, presumably keeping some Dads glued to the TV screen, unable to chaperone.

The most unusual creature to ring our doorbell was the young lady at left, who took some candy and then lifted her toes and scooted down the driveway -- courtesy of wheels in her sneakers! Sneakers with wheels!  What will they think of next? A quick Google search found 'em -- some with lights, even! Not sure yet whether they come in adult sizes, but I'll keep looking.

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