November 2, 2010

Hooray, it's election day!

Hey, there's an election today!

A political parlay! (And a cause célèbre)

Your vote can sway the ruling par-tay

And whisk away, until another day,

The ones who say, "Nay!"

Elephants will play, roll in the hay,

and eat donkey fillet, is what the polls say

Not all will obey, and perhaps Dems will stay,

and sashay with cache, back to the Belt Way.

So as you may, lay down your dismay,

And hop in a sleigh, or fly like blue jay,

your heart don't betray, your bed do not lay,

your hope do not slay, your toe do not X-ray,

(but your cat please do spay)

Do ignore Tina Fey, and Bill O'Reil-ay

and rise above the fray, and all the gray,

without delay, the issues do weigh,

then shout "ole!" your convictions display,

and proudly portray, this American holiday.

May we all meet halfway. OK?

So bring out the tray, serve the parfait,

pour the cabernet, dance a ballet,

cheer for Green Bay, study Monet,

play some croquet, tip the valet,

turn a double play, and get a little risque (oy vey!).

Hooray, it's an election day! Let's all celebray!

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  1. Let's hope people aren't dumb enough to vote Republicans back into office after all the damage they did to the economy and American jobs.

  2. Voting time is finally here. It is extremely important that we all vote for the candidates of our choice. It is particularly important that we vote according to the pre-arranged schedule, which is included below for you reference:

    Republicans vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM

    Democrats vote on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM

  3. The Democrat's say get out and vote, and vote often.

  4. Um, unions are what destroyed Racine County's economy and jobs.

    Anyway......It would seem that some of the poll workers in Racine are illiterate. They apparently can't read the information on my driver's license (which I hand to them every year) and instead choose to make me say my name and address out loud (even though my I.D. is right in their hands), which compromises my privacy. Plus, then I have to spell and re-spell my last name out loud on top of it, even while everything they need is right there, correct, on my licence.

    Someday, I hope voter fraud will be no more. Someday I hope everyone will walk into their polling place, hand the worker their government-issued I.D., and the worker will quietly check your name off on the list and you can go about voting without further notice. Someday I hope there won't be anymore snarky come-backs ala "You don't *need* to show me an I.D.!"

    Yes I do. Voting is the privelege of those citizens who can actually prove they are who they say they are.

  5. The same unions that built Racine into a special place? That created living wage jobs for thousands of families for decades? That covered people's medical bills? That actually stood up for the average worker instead bowing to any two-bit exec with a haircut and a brief case?

    Unions created Racine County's economy and preserved high-paying jobs by supplying high-quality workers to international corporations, which lost billions of dollars trying to relocate to cheaper labor markets.

    Somehow a few rich people convinced a mass audience that it was better to line the pockets of millionaires and billionaires than to support the average, hard-working family. The rich have convinced us that it's our fault that the rich aren't richer! It's a brilliant, beautiful con job, and we're all the suckers.

    So keep blaming the unions and anyone else who dare stand up and say the system is broken. Just do it knowing the harm you're spreading in benefit of a select few who could care less about you.

  6. Thank you unions for sending all the manufacturing jobs out of Racine. The union logic is; they'd rather have no job and live on government subsidies than work with the companies to try and retain them in Racine. The unions have no one to blame but themselves for high unemployment in Racine.

  7. You couldn't be more wrong sir. Unions made concessions and fought for their jobs. But Dems and Republicans gave corporations the greenlight to export jobs in the name of profits for the richest 1 percent of people in the country. This isn't a political issue. The rich control our society, and we've been convinced that this is a good thing. It's mind-boggling to hear people blame unions for decisions made by the wealthy corporate execs and stockholders who tanked our economy after collecting BILLIONS off of average Americans. Seriously, look at a guy like Ron Johnson. You think he gives a shit about Racine or anyone here? You think he's going to spend 5 minutes in Washington thinking for himself? He's a placeholder for a handful of ambitious politicians. Do we really need another Herb Kohl in Washington?

  8. 11:06 - go collect your unemployment check and thank your union bosses.

  9. Get out and vote for the liars of your choice today!

  10. That rhyme reminds me of the country club bar scene in Happy Gilmore where Happy mocks Shooter McGavin.

    Awesome poem!

  11. We're screwed no matter who you choose but please......don't vote the guy who has been in office for 10 years and not done a damn thing, back in. There are many many idiots here in Racine but please choose wisely.

  12. I think I will vote for a lying Repub today

  13. Vote for Tony D, a well qualified lying SOS!

  14. Last time I checked, there were government agencies in place like OSHA and EPA to assure safe working conditions, as well as minimum pay scales, etc. And now we have Obamacare! Yippee! Free health care for all! So no need for unions anymore.

    Unions are just for people who want to stay at overpaid jobs with no accountability.

    Oh, I was kidding about the Obamacare part. Every analysis so far shows that Obamacare means I will now have to pay MORE out of my pocket for crappier healthcare.

    Vote out the garbage today!

  15. China wants you to vote Republican. China wants more American jobs. No wonder the Supreme Court made it easier for China to buy our elections.

  16. Hey, let's thank that dirt bag Doyle who secretly signed the deal with the state and feds this past weekend for the useless train between Milwaukee and Madison. This is going to cost the tax payers $50 when Walker gets into office and kills this plan - Doyle is really looking out for the people and Barrett is just as bad.

  17. "Sir" - your low-class name-calling offends even republicans. Please get beyond your trite sayings, statements that are not backed by facts and your personal cut-downs. Your free speech is pretty gross!

  18. 2:43 - What is not true about my statement. Anyone that would go ahead and cut a deal with the state and feds two days before the election and they know by doing this it will cost the taxpayers $50M is a scum bag. This is a fact both about the deal and the scum bag part - so get over it.

  19. We support you "sir" Some people will just never pull their heads out of the sand.

  20. Don't take it personally "Sir". We just have a few people on here that will actually have to get out and start working to earn money. The era of Obama handouts will soon be over and that is alarming to some!

  21. Say goodbye to the choo choo - to bad Doyle will be sending the taxpayers a bill for $50M.

  22. Hey Randy - your socialist agenda is dead.

  23. RED Wisconsin11/03/2010 4:43 PM

    Here Liberals/Dems have some humble pie. :)Red is SUCH a LOVELY Color! :)

  24. sir,

    I wasn't going to weigh in, but can't resist the challenge. Actually, after seeing the defeats of the Blue Dog Dems, I'm wondering whether we're closer to FDR's quiet dream of a true liberal party vs. a true conservative party in the United States. GOP/Tea Party leave little room for compromise; they're only agenda is "no," and frustrating the president's efforts to get things done. So, maybe we ought to reorganize both parties to their real cores: Democratic Party becomes the liberal party, Republicans become the conservative party, like Britain.

    Notice, I didn't include the Socialist Party in there.

  25. Randy - Tell me about the compromise on the stimulus, ObamaCare, Cap and Trade - the former 2 crammed down the throats of the majority of voters who opposed these bills. There was no compromise there. The majority of the people did not want them, but Obama, Pelosi and Reed knew better, well now they are paying a price for their egotism. It's time to repeal - the Socialistic doings that you are so in favor of.

  26. sir,

    Just eager to hear the Republicans' solutions to the economy, health care, pollution and the deficit.

    Oh, yeah, it's tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts.

    Economy's over-heated? Tax cuts. Economy's in the doldrums? Tax cuts. Sick people are denied health care? Tax cuts. Pollution's a problem? Tax cuts. Deficit too high? Tax cuts(!!!???).

    That ought to do it.

  27. Randy - yep you've got it, beter than spend, spend, spend!

  28. Only problem is, it winds up borrow, borrow, borrow to spend. Haven't heard a single Republican yet say what they'd cut.

  29. Randy - They'll cut everything you are for.

  30. Randy - certainly it is - Obama Care, eliminate the unspent useless stimulus money, cut entitlement monies etc. Every socialist program you favor.

  31. sir,

    Congressional Budget Office says repealing "Obamacare" would ADD $150 billion to the debt. And I assume when you say "entitlement monies," you mean cutting Social Security for seniors, right? After everyone's paid their own way for 75 years? Good luck with that.

  32. ... and the veterans' benefits Obama just restored? Those, too?

  33. ... and, of course, the Congressional Budget Office also says Obama's student loan reform will save another $68 billion. I supposed you'd want to scrap that, too, and give that $68 back to the banks in subsidies, and, of course, adding that right back onto the federal debt, too?

  34. Sorry Randy - go are full of crap:

    The director of the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that the health care reform legislation would cost, over the next ten years, $115 billion more than previously thought, bringing the total cost to more than $1 trillion.

    And I do not consider SS as an entitlement.

  35. ... ah, keep Social Security. Just as Nixon said, "We are all Keynesians now," it appears we're all "socialists" now, too.

  36. Randy - no not all of us - you are!

  37. ... OK, sir, so you're only a "half-socialist." Isn't that like being a "little bit" pregnant?

  38. Randy - re-read my post. For an intellectual like you, I'd think you would be able to comprehend my comments. Where does it elude to me being a socialist - that's you. I am an American - take down your flag. You are a disgrace to all this countery stands for.