October 30, 2010

When werewolves, skeletons and heroes share the day

realracine presented its inaugural Skeleton Skamper 5k race and 1k walk Saturday morning in Mount Pleasant, drawing some 700 runners and 500 walkers from all walks of life ... and the afterlife.

There were werewolves, skeletons, superheros, ballerinas (some male, some female), housewives, winged creatures, witches, a bride or two, even three blind mice. Brett Favre made an appearance as well, with a sign indicating his firm decision to retire... well, on one side of it, anyway.

Winner of the 5k -- which was completed by 467 runners -- was Jason Aho of Racine, in 16:17.42. Second place went to Miguel Garcia, also of Racine, whose time was 17:08.20.

Overall results are HERE.

Results by age group are HERE.

Here are some of the creatures that caught my eye.


 Jason Aho as he crossed the finish line first

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  1. couldn't get the results link to work.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. They're working now.

  3. One of the zombies stepped out in front of my car when I drove by the event this morning. I had to step on the brakes hard to avoid hitting him. After I stopped I realized if I had hit him I wouldn't get a ticket because you can't get a ticket for hitting someone who is already dead. Right?