October 10, 2010

Fall colors are transforming the landscape

First, a small confession. I went out to River Bend Nature Center Saturday afternoon to join the Racine Camera Club's Fall Foliage Photography outing ... and it took me 15 minutes to realize why no other photographers were there: the outing is scheduled for Sunday at 3 p.m.

No matter; Mother Nature and I communed for an hour, along with squirrels, birds, canoeists and hikers. It's still a bit early for the best color, but an hour of peace and quiet -- whatever the occasion -- is always worth experiencing, with or without a camera.

The geese are back on Hansche Pond

Two trees on Lathrop Avenue can't decide what color they should be

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  1. Beautiful if I can believe what I read in the Racine Post, this is direct result of Obama and the Dems. The fall colors has never happened before and will never happen again if the GOP wins in November. Thank you Dustin for showing me the light

  2. Oh, wait - the leaves turning are a direct result of the evil Johnson Empire.
    I'm confused

  3. 4:00 - "Yes we Can" "F Things UP".