September 1, 2010

Racine County GOP endorses lieutenant governor candidates

The Racine County Republican Party has not endorsed a single candidate for Lieutenant Governor but the individual board members each have their favorite.

A recent change to the county party’s by-laws has allowed board members an opportunity to endorse state and federal candidates for office. The following is a listing of the board members that have chosen to endorse.

Dave Ross is endorsed by:
  • Derek Adams – elected board member 

Rebecca Kleefisch is endorsed by:
  • Kevin Cronin – appointed board member 
  • Mike Gabbey – appointed board member 

Brett Davis is endorsed by:
  • Bill Folk – county party chairman 
  • Scott Rausch – elected board member and past chairman 
  • Sue Ermert – elected board member 
  • Nancy Milholland – appointed board member 

The remaining five board members have opted not to publicly endorse a candidate for this office.

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  1. Of course UW wants to raise millions. 90% of what they take in goes to administrating the program. For the poor my a$$.

  2. OOOps Wrong blogg

  3. Interesting who's following the Tea Party and who's not.

  4. Who is the "Tea Party" candidate? What makes that interesting?