August 30, 2010

Park 6's suspension was discussed a month ago, sources say

Park 6's 45-day suspension was worked out several weeks before the bar went to a due-process hearing, according to people close to the situation.

Earlier this month several sources said Park 6 had a deal with the city to avoid losing its liquor license. They had agreed to a suspension of up to three months in response to problems in and around the Sixth Street bar. Some city officials had pushed for a 90-day suspension, but owner Thomas Holmes negotiated the length in half.

It'll be interesting to see what Holmes does with his time off - assuming the City Council approves the 45-day suspension next week. Holmes could use the time to clean and remodel his popular bar. Or he could follow through on the legal case he's told RacinePost he's building against the city. Holmes is concerned African-American bars in Racine are being unfairly targeted by the city.

People behind the scenes said there were holdouts to the settlement. Ald. Aron Wisneski, chair of the City Council committee that brought action against Park 6, was at least initially opposed to settling with Holmes. But the city went ahead with the settlement, just as people were saying they would four weeks ago.

Why the city, which is cracking down on bars deemed unsafe, agreed to settle is unknown (or at least only rumors, at this point). But the settlement will hurt Park 6's business. The bar will be closed six weekends, which is thousands of dollars in lost revenue, plus lost customers who find new places to go on Fridays and Saturdays.


  1. "Holmes is concerned African-American bars in Racine are being unfairly targeted by the city."

    No, the City is being targeted by reverse-racist leaning boogeymen who use race as an issue where there isn't any.

    The only discrimination going on here is against the stupid people who drink, start fights and generally act like idiots, and the business owners who support them.

  2. Lost customers is just what they need - that's what shut them down in the 1st place. No amount of time will ever fix this problem except closed for good.

  3. HAHAHA what a joke! So lets prolong the agony 45 days?! How stupid! Like this will do ANYTHING AT ALL?! He'll open in 45 days and it's business as usual. By the way, he was open last weekend.

  4. Racine Post - this is off topic, but if I wanted to read the Journal Times, I'd go to their site. When are you guys going to start reporting more of your own information? And by the way I would not believe a thing in the Huffington Post - but that sure indicates your postion.

  5. Political underhanded deals going on under a Dickert administration? I am shocked, shocked, at the gambling in this establishment!

  6. Dickert making a deal. That's what he is good at, right?