July 13, 2010

Vos unopposed; few surprises in primary election filings

Few local election surprises were apparent Tuesday night, as the filing period for Wisconsin's Sept. 14 primary closed.

The only new news is that State Rep. Robin Vos, Republican, from Assembly District 63, will be unopposed, and a couple of third-party candidates have jumped into the fray.

In the 1st District Congressional Race, Democrat John Heckenlively filed nomination papers to run against Republican Paul Ryan -- as did Libertarian Joseph Kexel of Kenosha and Independent Bill Tucker of New Berlin.

So far, Heckenlively is credited with filing 0 signatures (rather than the 1,000 required), due to some of those he filed lacking dates. Heckenlively has been given until Friday to clear up the problem. Ryan filed with 2,000 signatures. Tucker filed 1,042 signatures, and Kexel also is credited with 0.

State Sen. John Lehman, a Democrat from the 21st District, picked up two opponents: Republican County Board member Van Wanggaard of Racine had already announced his candidacy; Bob Gulan of Union Grove, another Republican, filed nomination papers Monday. Gulan is credited by the state with 0 signatures so far; Lehman filed 599 and Wanggaard 711.

State Rep. Robert Turner, who represents Assembly District 61, picked up two opponents: James DeMatthew of Racine had already announced his intention to oppose Turner in the Democratic primary; George Meyers of Racine, a Libertarian, filed Tuesday. DeMatthew filed 370 signatures; Turner filed 400; Meyers was credited with 0.

Rep. Cory Mason of Assembly District 62, a Democrat,  has two opponents: already-announced Republican opponent Chris Wright of Sturtevant, and Libertarian Anthony DeCubellis of Racine. Wright filed 400 signatures; Mason and DeCubellis both are credited so far with 0.

Pete Karas of Racine, is one of four candidates filing papers for Secretary of State. He's registered with the Wisconsin Green Party. Others in the race include Doug La Follette of Madison, the Democratic incumbent; Jeremy Ryan of Madison, another Democrat; and Kavid King of Milwaukee, a Republican. Only La Follette is credited with filing the required signatures; he filed 2,886.