July 14, 2010

City's building and occupancy permits for June

Racine Occupancy Permits from June 23-30:

  • Paul Myers, of Myers Health Conditioning Retail Sales, received an occupancy permit for 405 High St. 
  • Tim Baumstark, of Boxhead Design, received an occupancy permit for 436 Main St. 
  • Pedro Sanchez, of Mi Jacalito 2, received an occupancy permit for 740 College Ave. 
  • Syed Mikhail's Inc., of Total 24 Gas Station & Store, received an occupancy permit on 930 Washington Ave.
  • Muhammad Khan, of Solo Oil Gas Station, received occupancy permits for 600 3 Mild Road and 2500 Lathrop Ave.
  • Scott Hansen, of The Warning Track Tavern, received an occupancy permit for 1301 Washington Ave. 
Each permit cost $200. 

Commercial Building Alteration permits for June 1-30:

  • Citi Trends, 4003 Durand Ave., took out a $70,000 permit for facade and interior renovations. Innovative Construction Solutions is doing the work. The permit cost $840. 
Commercial Building Addition permits for June 1-30: 
  • Buckets Pub is building a 500-square-foot room and a 700-square-foot overhang at 2301 Lathrop Ave. The project is estimated at $60,000. Realistic Builders is doing the work. The permit fee was $480. 
  • Park High received a permit to remodel and build a 70,000-square-foot addition to its fieldhouse. The $2.5 million project is being done by Magill Construction Co. The permit fee was $16,000.