July 16, 2010

It appears Heckenlively fell short on signatures...

Update: Kenosha News is reporting Heckenlively made the ballot.

That news is confirmed on the Government Accountability Board's website, which posted a revised figure for Heckenlively's approved signature count this morning: 1,059 -- 59 more than the minimum required.

Original: Is Racine Democrat John Heckenlively challenging Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, or not?

It looks as though he's fallen short on nomination signatures -- 77 fewer than the 1,000 required.

Realistically, it hardly matters (sorry, John) ... but our question relates not to available campaign funds, national recognition, experience or even issues, but merely to meeting Wisconsin's nomination requirements.

Earlier this week, as the filing period for September's primary ostensibly closed, Heckenlively had filed 1,100 nominating signatures, 100 more than the required number -- but the Government Accountability Board disqualified many, saying some who signed neglected to print the year they signed, as required.

The GAB gave Heckenlively until Friday to meet the requirement. Friday night, listing a Heckenlively filing on Thursday at 5:10 p.m.,  the GAB credited him with just 933 approved signatures.

For now, at least, it appears he did not qualify to have his name on the ballot.

Ryan, who is now serving his sixth term as the 1st District's congressman, has always had Democratic opposition -- of a sort (lackluster and under-funded). This would be the first time he runs unopposed -- although even that must be qualified: two other candidates apparently have filed sufficient nomination papers to challenge Ryan -- Independent William Thomas Tucker of New Berlin filed 1,042 signatures; and Libertarian Joseph Kexel of Kenosha filed 1,139 signatures.

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