July 20, 2010

Second Ryan opponent faces nomination challenge

John Heckenlively isn't the only one of Paul Ryan's opponents to face a challenge of his nominating papers.

William Tucker of New Berlin, who is attempting to run as an Independent against our six-term congressman, has also been challenged. Democrat Heckenlively  faces a hearing Wednesday; Tucker's hearing is also Wednesday.

Like the challenge to Heckenlively, the one against Tucker was filed by Andrew Davis and the Republican Party of Wisconsin. In all, Davis' name is on five of the eleven complaints filed, the only complainant with multiple challenges.

The gist of much of Davis' complaint against Tucker is that some of the 1,042 nominating signatures he filed in support of his 1st Congressional District race came from electors who reside in the 5th Congressional District, a definite no-no.

As Tucker sees it, "Paul Ryan has challenged my Nomination Papers to keep me off the November ballot, and he might just succeed."