July 22, 2010

Racine County helping low-income residents by putting stimulus money to work

Racine County is putting stimulus money to work to help local low-income residents gain skills and find jobs. 

County Executive Bill McReynolds and Human Services Director Jonathon Delagrave announced Thursday the Workforce Development Center was awarded a $560,580 "Transitional Jobs Demonstration Grant" from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The grant is paid for with stimulus money. 

“Transitional jobs are time-limited and publicly funded, combining real work, skill development, and support services to help people overcome substantial barriers to employment,” said Alice Oliver, Workforce Development Center Manager.

The Transitional Jobs Project is designed to provide low-income Racine County residents who meet program guidelines with skill development as well as job placement. The core elements of the program include orientation and assessments, job readiness and life skills training, case management and supportive services, a subsidized wage-paying transitional job, assistance in placement in unsubsidized employment, job retention services, and linkages to education and training. Participants will engage in work for up to 40 hours a week and spend additional hours participating in education and training related to skills development.

McReynolds said the project will place out-of-work county residents in the private, non-profit and public sectors for up to six months, with all costs associated with wages and taxes covered by the grant. Project participants will earn $7.25 an hour. There is no requirement that the employer retain the program participant at the end of the transitional job placement.

“This project is good for participants who gain work experience, work history, work reference and a paycheck; and it’s good for local employers and the community,” said Delagrave.

Employers interested in being the employer of record or hosting a program participant can log onto
www.wdc.racineco.com to learn more and submit a proposal or application by noon on Friday, August 6. Recruitment for program participants will begin in the near future.