July 22, 2010

Rain slows, but does not stop the bicycle racers

Update, 7 p.m.: Rain in the morning gave way to moderate sunshine ... and then tornado warnings.

Not a great day for a series of bicycle races!

The men's pro race began on schedule at 6 p.m. tonight, but with a reduced field of competitors and a shortened course, only 75 laps down from the initially planned 90. But worse was to come: early in the race, one cyclist slid into a barrier, and took down 10 to 15 other riders, forcing a halt to the race and then a restart.

Then, with 44 laps to go, the tornado sirens started to blow -- nasty weather had already been reported in Milwaukee and northern Racine County. That, too, forced a postponement of the race, and it never did resume. Full results of the day's races will be posted online. Racing continues Friday in Kenosha.

Here are some pictures from the men's race, followed by our original post from this morning:

The original field of the pro men's race: Far fewer than the 200 cyclists expected
 This was the re-start, after those injured in the crash received attention

 The men pounding up Main Street
Matthew Rice, who led the first part of the race; he won yesterday in Milwaukee

 Original post:

On a day better suited to Salmon-a-Rama, hundreds of bicyclists took to Downtown's Racine.org Criterium course today, racing on two narrow wheels in the pouring rain.

The multiple downpours didn't seem to sap anyone's enthusiasm, although it certainly slowed the racers and reduced the expected field considerably.

First race this morning, a 15-mile run for Cat 3/4 women, was won by Sarah Huang of Kenosha.

Note: These pictures were taken during the first two races; shortly after I left the course the Heavens really opened -- dumping enough rain to drive men and beasts to shelter. I could barely drive a four-wheel car in it...

Our earlier story is here. 

Complete results will be posted here.

Sarah Huang of Kenosha crossing the finish line first

 Cat 4/5 men carefully lean into the first turn in their 25-mile race