June 9, 2010

RacinePost contest! Name these signs in West Racine

 Think you know West Racine? Prove it by entering RacinePost's sign scavenger hunt.

The image above is a collection of pictures of letters taken from signs outside of businesses in West Racine. Identify what signs each of the letters come from and email the list to: racinepost@gmail.com.

If you're the first person to correctly identify all 10 letters, you'll win a $20 gift certificate from Wilson's Coffee and Tea. All entries that get the 10 letters correct will receive a RacinePost bumper sticker and window cling.

The deadline to enter is June 30. If no one gets all 10 letters correct, the winner will be based on the most correct letters. Ties will be broken based on who entered first. 

Good luck and happy hunting!

p.s. Here's a few tips ...

1. If you click on the image above you'll get a larger picture.
2. All signs are located between West Blvd and Blaine Ave.
3. All signs can be seen from sidewalks.

Update: We have a winner! 10-year-old Sophia Torosian was the first to name all 10 signs correctly. She wins a $10 gift certificate to Wilson's Coffee and Tea. Proud mom Sue wrote in that Sophia new three of the letters before they left the house, and answered the rest on a walk through West Racine.

Thanks to all who entered! And, here's the correct answers for the sign above:

W - from the West Racine Farmer's Market sign
E - Bendtsen's Bakery
S - DeRango's
T - Copy Cat Music

R - REA Building
A - Roots and Legends
C - Molbeck's
I - Infusino's
N - Nelson's
E - Larsen's