June 6, 2010

Forget the gym; garden gives a good workout!

Photos by Kandy Meyers

Who needs the gym, when you can work out in the garden?

Competitors from the Biggest Losers contest at Anchor Fitness worked out for 90 minutes at the Racine Urban Garden Network's new community garden Saturday morning. Instead of barbells and weight machines, they raced back and forth, hauling wheelbarrows full of mulch to the gardens, and then spread it to a depth of six inches.

Meanwhile, one member of each team was mowing -- with an old push mower.

They kept up a steady pace for the whole hour and a half, and did such a good job that everyone got immunity for the effort, and none was kicked off the team.

At the end they said it was one of their hardest workouts.

The garden site is at 8th and Marquette. For information about reserving your own plot, go to the RUGN website.

Photo by Sherri Myers Wray