June 9, 2010

Police chief closing in on a new four-year contract

Police Chief Kurt Wahlen (second from right) talks with Public Works Commissioner Rick Jones, City Attorney Rob Weber (far left) and Information Systems Director Paul Ancona (far right). WRJN reporter Tom Karkow looks on.  

Police Chief Kurt Wahlen is negotiating a new contract with the city, according to sources.

Wahlen was hired in September 2006. His current contract runs out later this summer. Sources say Wahlen is close to reaching a new four-year deal to continue leading the city's police department.

The Police and Fire Commission, which is responsible for oversight of the chief and the department, discussed Wahlen's contract at its April 20 meeting. (Minutes of the meeting are not posted on the city's website.)

The commission is scheduled to next meet on July 13. No agenda has been released for the meeting.