May 4, 2010

Ryan hosts Neumann fund-raiser, but don't read too much into it

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, is placing two bets on the three-way race for Wisconsin governor.

He is co-hosting a fund-raiser in Washington, DC, today for Mark Neumann, one of two Republican candidates for Wisconsin governor. The other co-host is Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn. But don't read too much into this event about who Ryan supports for governor.

Coburn has endorsed Neumann, although why an Oklahoman's support should mean anything to Wisconsinites has been lost in translation. Neumann's campaign spokesman, Chris Lato, said of Coburn and Neumann: "They are, ideologically speaking, two peas in a pod."

But back to Ryan. Lato said that Ryan won't be attending the fund-raiser that he's co-hosting, for the man whose Congressional seat he inherited in 1998.

And according to Susan Jacobson, Ryan's campaign coordinator quoted in the Wisconsin State Journal, Ryan also will host a fund-raiser for Neumann's Republican opponent, Scott Walker.

No word on what Ryan will do for Tom Barrett...


  1. No word yet on what Spencer Coggs will do for Walker...

    Your partisan is showing again Pete.

  2. Good point, anon. Maybe Gwen Moore would like to co-host a fundraiser for Walker - I'd sell tickets to that one!

  3. Plenty of money to go around.

  4. Is there Randolph. What we have here is just another shining example of how biased the "reporters" here are.

    And yet they still claim to be objective.

  5. Where's the bias? I see just facts in this story...

  6. In the last sentence Al, no word on what Ryan will do for Tom Barret...

    Now look at the Spencer Coggs story all about him helping Barrett, no word about how Coggs would help Scott Walker.

    Snark, no snark. If you look at this history of this web page it is all the same.

    Cory Mason is sainted, Robin Vos, hated.

    It is not hard to see.

  7. Ryan has over a million bucks in his account (much of it given to him by the health care industry to fight Obama's universal helath care plan). He could give some of this money to Neumann and Walker to help their campaigns. Paul Ryan has the voters of his district buffaloed - and who wants to run against all of his lpetty ideas and untruths?