May 5, 2010

River Bend offering Kids Nature Kamp this summer

The YWCA River Bend Nature Center is offering a summer day camp that will foster a love of Wisconsin’s nature through direct experience. The Kids Nature Kamp, which promises all the fun of a traditional day camp, will have weekly environmental themes so campers can explore an area in-depth.

The camp is for children 4-12 and extended care is available before and after camp making it possible for children with working parents to attend. The camp schedule is flexible and permits daily and weekly enrollment.

The environmental studies programming will be taught by experienced degreed naturalists. All YWCA staff members go through training and certification before the summer begins to provide a safe and fun environment for all campers.

River Bend is nestled on 80-acres of land along the shores of the Root River. The center is host to many recreational activities such as canoeing and kayaking.

The weekly themes are:

1. Turtles, Salamanders and Frogs - Oh My! (6/14/10-6/18/10) - Campers will focus on the slimy, scaly, & slippery critters found throughout the state of Wisconsin. We will discuss reptile and amphibian behaviors and habitats while experiencing them first hand.

2. Gardening Galore! (6/21/10-6/25/10) - Got a green thumb? Not sure…? Campers will test their gardening skills, or experience for the first time the joys of gardening. We will plant seeds, pull weeds, maintain a garden, create compost, learn about rain gardens and get down in the dirt.

3. Bird’s the Word (6/28/10-7/1/10) - This week will be all about feathers, flight, beaks, and bills! Campers will make a bird feeder, eat like a bird, and learn to recognize common backyard birds by sight and by song.

4. Water in our World (7/5/10-7/9/10) - In your sink, in your food, on the ground and all around! Campers will test water quality, observe pond life and study the Root River.

5. Gettin’ Buggy (7/12/10-7/16/10) - Examine the insects, bugs, worms, and grubs under magnifying glasses after we scout for them throughout the fields and forests of River Bend. Campers will learn about bug body parts, feeding habits, and more.

6. Nature Survival & Outdoor Fun (7/19/10-7/23/10) - A week packed with adventures that focus on surviving nature’s elements and enjoying the fun of the outdoors. Campers will learn to build campfires, create outdoor shelters, pitch a tent, canoe the river and more.

7. Wild about Wisconsin (7/26/10-7/30/10) - Love the state you live in! We will focus on all the elements that make Wisconsin great, from the cheese to the sports teams, to our wildlife and our people.

8. Loving the Land—A land stewardship camp (8/2/10-8/6/10) - The future of our environment is in your hands! Campers will help make a difference through various experiences and projects that focus on conservation, recycling and loving the earth.

9. Radiant, Rough, & Round- ROCKS! (8/9/10-8/13/10) - What’s old and rough and found all over?! Rocks. This camp will be focus on geology. Campers will learn to identify common rocks while discovering some of their hidden properties. We will create a rock collection to be displayed at River Bend for all to see.

10. The Sky’s the Limit—Clouds and Constellations! (8/16/10-8/20/10) - Is your head in the clouds? A week filled with wonder while we discover clouds by day and stars by night. Campers will read the weather through the clouds and learn the phases of the moon among other camp adventures.

For more information email or call Sarah Hennegan at (262) 989-2272. You can also download a registration form from the YW’s website.

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