May 14, 2010

Park High students build a car that goes 287 miles per gallon

Washington Park High School’s Design for Industry class competed in Wisconsin’s Energy Efficient Vehicle Association’s 10th annual Super-mileage Competition at Road America May 9-10.

They tested two student built cars in the unlimited class that completed 13 runs total.

Park HS Car #57 took second place in its class with an average of 287 miles per gallon, and a final run of 300.1 mpg!

(photo right) L-R: Seth Muller, Jerrid Orre, Mari Mason, Kyle Erdman, Mr. Caminiti, Justin Helm, Eddie Martinez, Brian Gronholm, and Jimmy Popawski


  1. Very cool! Maybe the auto industry could learn a few things from them :)

  2. Wow! That's amazing!

  3. Go Park! We have so many talented students in our public schools. These students are not limited to Park, but encompass all of our public schools. I am proud of all of you, for you are the future of our country. Keep going! I am an old geezer, but have optimism that the youth of our city and country will propel the United States into a positive future.