May 14, 2010

Dog Park closed for the summer by Highway 38 construction

Dog owners, you'll have to find a new place to let Fido run.

The city's Dog Park on Highway 38 is closed for the summer due to road construction along Highway 38. The work will temporarily close down the entrance to the park and eliminate parking. The good news is construction includes city plans to build an off-street parking lot for the Dog Park. So while the park is closed, for now, it will reopen better forever in late fall.

Here's the official announcement from the city's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department:
The City of Racine’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department informs you that road construction has started on Highway 38. Only some areas will be open to local traffic. The road construction will effectively close the Dog Park. There will not be any parking available at the dog park starting Wednesday, May 13, 2010. Driving and parking, at the Dog Park, is not an option until the road construction is completed.

People trying to get to the dog park may be ticketed, as they will not be considered local traffic. Individuals with questions, about the Dog Park, may call the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services at 636-9131.
And here's information from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on the Highway 38 project, which is scheduled to be finished in late October:
WIS 38

Location: County K to Oakwood

Schedule: Late April to Oct. 29, 2010

Length of project: 8 miles

Cost: $6.3 million

Type of work: WIS 38 will be mostly a mill and resurface project with improvements to intersections at Hoods Creek Road, Brook Road. Four Mile Road, Five Mile Road, West River Road Nicholson Road, County H, 6 ½ Mile Road, Forest Hill Road, 7 ½ Mile Road, Caddy Lane, Elm Road and Howell Service Drive. Two bridges at Husher Creek and Tributary to Husher Creek will be reconstructed with new box culverts. Signals will be added at County G. Finally, storm sewer pipes and culvert pipes will be added as necessary.

Traffic impacts: WIS 38 through traffic will be closed during the construction period. The detour route will utilize north WIS 31 to WIS 32 to west on WIS 100. Work on the two box culverts at Husher Creek and tributary to Husher Creek will be staggered to keep one open at all times. Access to homes and businesses will be provided using the nearest side road.


  1. we were planning on parking on 4 mile and walking... is this not an option?

  2. A Caledonia Cop5/14/2010 1:53 PM

    There is a former school/church on the southeast corner, however the owner's may complain and have it posted no parking. The shoulder of 4 Mile Rd in that area is very narrow, any vehicles not completely over the fog line may be ticketed and towed as traffic hazards, especially with all the truck and construction traffic expect through there during the day. You do realize that the plans for the dog park include a new parking lot in the dog park, and the path from the former parking lot with a road. The idea of walking down the road under construction with my dog is not a pleasant one. A little patience and we will be rewarded with a new and better parking lot.

  3. Thank you for taking the time and giving careful thought to your answer! Guess it will be Petrified Springs for a while!

  4. I spoke with the project manager for the state on Friday and as of Friday, the city had not submitted any plans for the parking area. If the plans are not submitted and approved by the end of the project, there will be no parking area and the dog run will remain closed forever. We have fought for this park before at city meetings and it looks like that is what it will take again. We all understand it being closed for a couple of weeks for the work to be done, NOT for 7 months. We all need to call the mayor, the parks department, the state and get on the agenda for the meetings. If the soccer fields were being closed for the summer the city would find a replacement place for them to use. What about us? These are the responsible dog owners who exercise and socialize their dogs. They are not in the city parks all over town. They are not the police calls for loose dogs or dog bites. We police the park ourselves for the most part, we remove out own garbage. Don't sit back quietly, make your voices heard!

  5. If they are redoing 8 miles of road why couldnt they have done it in sections so that people could still utilize certain areas in the construction zone? Even spliting it half and half would have let us use the dog park for half the summer. I would think with the amount of people who frequent this dog park there would have been some consideration to this problem.