May 25, 2010

Marcus jumps right into City Council job

Alderman Eric Marcus has hit the ground running as one of the City Council's newest members.

In his first two months representing the second district he's pushed two major ordinances - one to protect the city's historic artifacts and another challening UNIT inspection fees - and installed a blogging system for City Council members on the city's website (he's the only one to use it).

Marcus (above) may not be done. He's mulling ideas on how to create jobs and protect the historic nature of his district, and the one-time School Board candidate has some ideas on education, too.

As for success, Marcus is still looking for his first win. His landmarks ordinance, which he started working on before getting elected, got delayed Monday night and the UNIT fees proposal gets its first look tonight.

Regardless, it appears Marcus will play big role in shaping the city's legislative direction in coming months.