May 23, 2010

Journal Sentinel can't find a 'best place to work' in Racine

Um, did the Journal Sentinel forget something?

Milwaukee's newspaper has come out with a special section touting Southeastern Wisconsin's 100 Best Workplaces -- but no companies from Racine were included.

Closest we came  is Gateway Technical College, 9th on a list of 15 best  large employers (with over 500 employees) --  but credited to Kenosha.

Most notably absent from the Journal Sentinel's listing is SC Johnson -- which regularly shows up in national best-places-to-work listings, like those of Fortune (SCJ ranked 83rd nationally in 2010 -- the tenth time it's made the list, while Johnson Financial Group was 22nd) and Working Mother magazines, AARP (best employer for workers over 50 in 2009), among others.

The Journal Sentinel said: "We set out to identify some of the companies and organizations in southeast Wisconsin that consider it an obligation, or at least smart business, to give their employees a fair shake and a fulfilling work experience. To do this, we invited workers to nominate their employers, and we enlisted the help of workplace consulting firm WorkplaceDynamics to survey tens of thousands of workers in the region."

And then they totally missed SCJ! We can only conclude that SCJ's employees were too busy actually  working to fill out the surveys.  

Here's the Journal Sentinel's full list.

We would, of course, be interested in hearing what SCJ employees have to say.

Update: A reader took offense that we singled out SCJ as one of Racine's great local employers. She correctly points out there are many good companies in our city. Here's her message:
We take pride where we work, our company is one of the few that actually increased our sales during the hardest times as of late. Not to mention the hard earned money I make in this company and others who work outside our town and commute back home, put hard money back into the city and its stores, mechanics, gas stations, fund-raisers, and local shops (could go on). I love Racine, moved here from Illinois, fought to believe the negative cloud hovered over this town and embraced for my own opinion. I advocate to all my friends who come from all directions to work and have brought them in to really see what our town is all about and they too have begun to change their minds. I am a proud homeowner in Racine and proud to live here. It truly is in my heart and would not want to ever move. The hometown feel, beach front, oasis, softball, parks, theatre, downtown shops, the history, I could go on. I am just a bit taken back by the comment. I would have agreed if you implemented more company's other than SCJ for Racine, they already are well known brand as it is and get plenty of press. Many great employers were missed and yet you chose to give SCJ such great kudos is an insult to many other Racine great companies. We do and should take pride in SCJ but give the others some written space too.


  1. What a joke. Racine has some great employers. I know some are better than on their list.

  2. Frikn Joke.
    The JS doen't know where Racine is until there is a shooting then they show up like flies on s**t.
    Interesting that companies which laid people off are listed while those which did not are missing.
    Most intesting is the obvious lack of the JS in their own survey.

    And yes, I am an SCJ Employee and I would rater work for SCJ than be employeed by some company which laid me off and still on the list, or one that accepted government bailout (yet is still there.
    Friken JOke!

  3. This JS section was more an advertising ploy than a true "top employers" like the one compiled annually by Fortune magazine (with a scientific methodology.)

    IIRC, Lee Enterprises does the same sort of special section in some of its markets. Pay this stuff no heed. It's meaningless, IMHO.

  4. Alas, the Waxslaves--especially the exploited temps--are too scared of the Corporate Crime Family to say anything. When the truth about SCJ comes out, a certain evil clan will wish its forebears had never heard of Racine.

  5. This article COMPLETELY misses the point.

    Companies have to apply to the list - so it seems to me that Racine companies didn't bother. Don't they want to support the region????

    So if Racine is missing - shame on us. Why didn't our companies stand up for us??????

  6. So I posted a comment on here earlier today and it not listed so I'll try again.

    Companies pay for participation in these lists. It's not the Journal Sentinel's decision who is included -- it's the company that runs the survey thing. And as for SCJ not participating, maybe they were focusing on the important things at hand, like the employee benefits that you seem to be so jealous of. Quit stirring the pot, RP. If you worked at SCJ, you'd be lucky.

  7. Gee wiz...

    What ever happened to the self appointed "Best place to work at" by Wheaton's All Saints? Do ya suppose the threat of doctors leaving is having anything to do with that?

    Do they still have those signs up around All Saints? Or did someone trash them like they should have on day two after being put up?

    And Pete and Dustin...

    What happened to that huge story you broke earlier this year about the docs? How about an update?