April 12, 2010

This is our 3,000th story!

Thanks everybody!


  1. Go for it! Racine Post's a real pleasure.

  2. AS from time to time I have issues but over all you are the only News souse in Racine

  3. Keep up the great work guys! It's very important to have
    an alternative news source in Racine and your professional coverage is filling the gaps in our local news coverage.

    You've posted interesting stories the big guys won't bother with. Keep it up!


  4. Gee maybe the JT will do a story on this event. Sorry, what was I thinking? It would be entertaining to see how they would cover you, seeing that I don't think they have ever mentioned that you exist.

    Good job and keep up the good work. You have uncovered some important things since you started this site.

  5. The Post is great. I read it every day - and it hits good happenings. And it's also good therapy for negative commenters - it gives them an instant release.

  6. Does the 3,000 count the Deguelle stories you've deleted, because you're embarrassed you reported? By the way, what HAPPENED to all of those stories? They were BLARING headlines when it beat up on SCJ... but when an objective judge called his assertions worthless -- WHAT EXACTLY did the Post do with the stories?

    Part of good Journalism has to be reporting and not concealing the facts, regardless of whether you empathize with them.

    I'm going to stop using services from your advertisers.