April 12, 2010

HALO seeking donated dressers and storage containers

Here's a note from Brenda Thomas, development assistant at HALO, on donations needed at Racine's homeless shelter:
Hello Everyone!! Happy Spring. I am getting ready to start our May Newsletter and the Community Newsletter for the Journal Times. I have gotten a couple of requests that I feel should get out ASAP to those who are amongst our most avid supporters. These items are needed because we are in constant movement here at HALO, both in our sleeping rooms and in our offices where the necessary paper trail continues to grow!!
We have been blessed to have had several groups in here lately "Adopting" rooms and giving them a makeover. The furniture & accessories donated during the Adoption are extremely appreciated. One of the ongoing challenges here is that we always need DRESSERS and STORAGE CONTAINERS, especially those that slip under the beds. The dressers must be sturdy and able to take the movement (from room to room when necessary) and heavy use. Our rooms aren't always able to accommodate the longer, horizontal dressers so the vertical/taller dressers work best. Also, sturdy racks (and hangers) to hang clothing on are high on the NEED list. Even a 'tree' for coats can help to alleviate the demand for dresser space.
For the office, we are looking for four-drawer METAL FILE CABINETS, with locks preferably but not absolutely necessary. Two-drawer cabinets could always be used too ... either here at HALO or out at our apartments i.e. in THP or PHP.
If you are ever wondering what HALO could use as far as donations, please visit our Website at www.haloinc.org. I try to keep that current. I do know that we will always need fresh fruit and vegetables … just FYI.
Thanks for ALL you do ………. we can't tell you enough how important you are to HALO!! Feel free to send this to your list serve.
Brenda Thomas, Development Assistant

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