April 17, 2010

The cartoon @ RacinePost.com


  1. Stupid is as stupid does. And you'd have to be pretty stupid to print a politi-toon like this. It makes it pretty obvious that Pete and Dustin do not understand what the TEA parties are all about. Or is it that they condone incredibly wasteful spending of tax dollars, ILLEGAL immigration, more and more handouts to those defrauding the "entitlement" programs while those who truly need it suffer, tax dollars going to countries that hate us, an (illegal alien) president that wastes trillions of tax dollars on socialist programs no one but he and his national socialist followers want, and support of a state government that is extremely business unfriendly and taxing those businesses and our citizens right out of the state?
    Get a grip guys. Find out what something is ALL about before you put it down just because it has conservative roots. But then, why am I wasting my time here? You can't convince a liberal with facts and logic if their closed minds are already made up.

  2. . . . and the calm demeanor of the anti-war guy combined with the unhinged posture of the Tea Party guy - call this "The World According to Randolph Brandt".

  3. i would suggest not taking this as a slam against either the tea people or the left.

    look at it as depicting the way any challenge to the authority of the two corporate party power is minimalized by those in power.

    great cartoon.

  4. Conservatives have no sense of humor....or irony.

    This cartoon was well done, thought provoking, and funny.

  5. Pitch perfect cartoon.

    Liberals have been protesting for decades. Here's the main difference between the two: Liberals have railed against the powerful on BEHALF of those who are exploited. We speak out for tolerance and peace so that the lives of others will benefit.

    Teabaggers protest for their own interests. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

    Whaaaaa! No listens to ME! What about ME! Can you hear ME now?! After you have marched for 30 or 40 years, maybe you'll be worthy of some respect.

  6. 1:09 - if you've been marching for 30 or 40 years you are a long way from home. Please come back, we miss you!

  7. Yeah. Never thought I'd see a protest movement get corporate sponsorship. And look at the amazing results. Despite being less numerous and less frequent in their marches they've drawn far more media attention than pro-Peace, pro-Fair-Trade, OR pro-immigrant-rights rallies. And when I say "less numerous and less frequent" I mean compared to each of those other movements individually, not aggregate. By comparison to those groups, the tea party marches are insignificantly small.

  8. I don't know that it's "The world according to Randolph Brandt," but the cartoon is quite good. People with a different point of view often can't understand why people don't see their point right off, in that it's "oh, just so obvious." It takes a long time, sometimes, for something to sink in, if ever. The veteran anti-war protester knows this from, oh, say, 40 years' experience; for the relatively new Tea Partier, it may take a little longer for the realization to sink in.

  9. Could it be that there is actually something to the idea that white middle-class America is tired of being milked and diminished by those that continually feed off the government teat? Could it be that we are tired of the reverse discrimination? Could it be that we are tired of seeing the black community which comprises less than 22% of the population devour over 50% of the welfare resources or are near 85% of our prison population? Could it be that we are tired of the Fed shipping our dollars overseas to countries that hate us? Could it be that we are tired of having everything we export tariff taxed to the hilt and we do not reciprocate? Could it be that we are tired of our politicians lying to us and cheating us and imposing laws and restrictions on the citizens, but then exempt themselves from those same laws? Could it be that we are disillusioned by a president that refuses to prove his natural born citizenship and, along with his fascist supporters, continues to ignore the Constitution and mire this country more and more in socialism?

    Bring our troops home, end these ridiculous and costly wars, start taxing imported goods as they should be, install term limits to put an end to career politicians, return the decisions on education back to the states and local governments, restore state's rights, institute a flat or consumption tax, secure our borders, come down hard on welfare fraud, ship the illegals back to wherever they came from, put an end to children born in this country to illegal immigrants becoming citizens and stop trying to give ILLEGAL aliens the vote! Then maybe the TEA partiers won't have so much to complain about.

    But then, I guess this really is a moot point. Facts, statistical history, logic and truth have no effect on liberals. So, come November, you will actually experience the voting power of the TEA partiers that you have been laughing at for so long. Think Massachusetts, New Jersey and the other states that have had recent elections and have ousted the liberal national socialists. There’s much more to come. Thank GOD.

    I wonder how long it will take for Pete or Dustin to remove this post.

  10. Tim the Shrubber4/20/2010 9:05 AM

    I like the cartoon. Seems to me that the anti-war protests were primarily driven by liberal middle-aged baby boomers having a temper-tantrum, and now we have conservative middle-aged baby boomers have a temper tantrum called Tea Parties. In the near future they will probably come together and have a big temper tantrum when their children tell them that Social Security is broke and they are going to have to live with a cut in benefits.

  11. The Conservatives voices will be heard this election cycle, and the next!
    Laugh if you will, but time will tell......

  12. Tim:
    You are without a doubt an idiot!
    You sound like the (president) though you may not have a teleprompter in front of you.....though.... you probably should!!!

  13. Tim the Shrubber4/20/2010 6:24 PM

    Yeah...I sound just like Obama...he is always talking about those anti-war protests during the Bush years as temper tantrums...oh, wait...he doesn't do that...how silly of us.

    Duh...could you write anything less logical based on what I had written? I may not have a high opinion of the tea parties, but my opinion of the left is obviously no better.

    Looks like I upset a baby boomer tea partier who is so angry he/she cannot even read what I wrote.

    Perhaps I should we should discuss the inherent problems of the Tea Parties using the phrase "going Galt" while at the same time spouting off all kinds of populist rhetoric. If Any Rand were still alive she would be tearing y'all apart over this.