April 28, 2010

Potential buyer for Zahn's Building in Downtown Racine?
Plus floor plans for 'new' Walden

We have a few new developments in the idea of turning the former Zahn's Department Store building on Monument Square into Walden III School. First, local real estate insiders say there are at least two people interested in buying the building, including one who has made an offer on the building. No one would talk on the record, but appearently there's some action around the Downtown eyesore/potential jewel.

As for moving Walden to Monument Square, the ideas seems a little more solid than, well, an idea. Patrick Flynn, a Walden parent and active member of the school's Parent Student Teacher Association, sent over floor plans for the proposed school. Here's the plans:

Street Level
Lower Level

Second Floor

Third Floor
Fourth Floor
It's unclear how serious, if at all, Racine Unified is taking this idea. But the parents appear to be putting some resources into the proposal in case the district and city want to take a closer look.


  1. A good idea but the City nor DRC will back it. A school would bring too many non rich whites to Downtown. Can't have that next you know be another Korean wanting to open a store.
    Downtown needs more bars and nightclubs for all the Illinois folks that come here because they have no bars and nightclubs

  2. I believe the building should be donated for the Walden Project and the Alderman and the Mayor need to push this project because this building needs to bring life to the Downtown area.

  3. 8:29 and 9:34 - you are both idiots. Why would we want those tattoo, pierced, black clothed, colored hair, chain wearing kids swarming around downtown? We already have enough goofy people hanging around including skateboarders.

    And what a stupid comment - I'm sure the Water's family wants to donate the building - hell they already had to go out of business, now they should not try and make a profit on the building!

  4. @ 957 - you are a judgmental idiot who doesn't know jack about walden - check out their test scores and other statistics.

    you are yet another fine example of the morons in racine, of which walden students are NOT

  5. Any one with a clue knows that Walden has great students. It is very difficult to get in and their tolerance for fighting is zero. It is well run and beloved. The kids love it, even it's current dilapidated state.

    Those kids get off campus downtown already. Moving to Zahns is even better for downtown.

    Clearly 9:57 has an outdated idea of what Walden is. Pay him no attention, his comments are rediculous, judgemental, and display that any codger with an email address can espouse their intolerance.

  6. As I have said many times.....


    One should always consider the source of a "comment" when reading Racine Post. Even more so when the source of the content is from someone Anonymous. Even this comment if you so choose.

    This comment is still valid, however, as it refers to no subject other than this reminder.

  7. Anything is better than a empty building.
    Marquette is right downtown in Milwaukee. Seems there happy in that city!

  8. 9:57 is confused...the building here has nothing to do with the Waters family. Must be thinking of the Porters building.

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  11. Although the Walden kids do charity work to help the poor, the corporate scholarship-cadger came up with a scam to turn homeless youth into cheap menial labor for his crass class brothers (Job-Link Racine). Morally speaking, one Walden student is worth a thousand entrepreneurial predators like the preening porklet.

  12. If memory serves me right, His Swinishness the got-loot scholarship-grabber has a brother who snagged over $200,000,00 in scholarships which he didn't need. Assuming Racine's residents want to excoriate the younger de-generation, they should concentrate on the avaricious brats at "Precious Airy Academy" and lay off the Walden kids.

  13. I believe SCJ would endorse this type of program and be 100% behind it. They have supported this community in both difficult and good times.

    I'm not an SCJ employee (would like to be) but I know SCJ is a community leader and would be supportive based on their history.


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  17. Sometimes I wonder what constructive things could be accomplished if all of the energy you spent bashing the Johnson family and the companies they own was instead directed at doing something more positive.

  18. 4:10, you've really spent a lot of time coming up with clever puns for the Johnson Family.

    4:39 has some good advice for you.

    I am sorry that life has ended up this way for you. Maybe if you weren't so negative the Johnsons would have hired you. Seems to me that you are bitter that they haven't. I picture that you are punishing them because they haven't hired a "gem" like you. It's clear to me they've done the right thing.

    In your mind, I am sure it's their loss. I think I speak for everyone else except the 7 negative trolls in their basements who blog here, enough of your venom.

  19. Every time someone wants to defend a Unified school, they always play the "no bullying" and "no fighting" card. Who cares? Competition and fighting/bullying is a fact of life (just read the comments on the Post for confirmation.)

    Unified is an albatross of secular humanism. Great test scores don't mean squat if your kids walks out all tatooed and pierced up and can't get a job. Wake up folks, take a look at reality.

  20. Alex Aviles (Walden Sophomore)4/28/2010 8:48 PM

    I apologize but, may we please avoid the unnecessary harsh words about both individuals, and major corporations in Racine. This article is about relocation plans for Walden. As I have have stated in the previous article regarding this subject, I believe it would be a wonderful relocation. I would be very proud to have my school, whether it is finished by the time I am graduated or not, on monument square. It would do fantastic things to the economy of Racine's downtown, and education resources such as the library and YMCA would be easily utilized. I admire Patrick Flynn for moving forward with these plans. However, I am highly disappointed with the comments. I am a firm believer that if you are willing to post things others will see, you should have the common courtesy to post your name and take credit for what you have said. I will not take anyone very seriously if they choose to hide behind the name of Anonymous.
    I apologize if I have offended anyone. If you have any concerns, you may email me at - a.palacios.aviles@live.com

    ~ Alex John Aviles
    ( Proud Walden Student without any tattoos, piercing, or colored hair)

  21. Read this about Lead Paint. Then ask yourself, why would RUSD not take care of the lead paint issues in our schools. Specifically Walden III.

    Since 1996, more than 44,000 Wisconsin children have been identified as lead poisoned. Nearly one in every 20 children who entered the Wisconsin school system in the fall of 2006 was known to have been lead poisoned.
    Lead interferes with the normal development of a child’s brain and can result in significant learning disabilities and other
    behavior and health problems. Lead poisoning is associated with a greater chance that a child will experience problems in
    school due to learning difficulties and failure. Children who are lead poisoned show a 15% decrease in reading scores and
    14% decrease in mathematical scores on performance tests in 3rd grade. These learning problems can lead to higher rates
    of high school dropout, teen pregnancy and juvenile delinquency. The reduction in impaired cognitive function and other
    serious illnesses in children and adults a health effects from lead exposure are expected to result in quantifiable benefits
    According to the EPA, in its March 2008, economic analysis, its regulations under 40 CFR 745 would result in quantified
    benefits of approximately $700 million to $1,700 million in the first year nationwide, including other avoided health
    effects in children and adults that are not included in the net benefits estimates. Using EPA’s conclusions, the department
    has determined that the estimated net benefits to Wisconsin would be $1 million to $20 million in the first year based on
    children’s IQ benefits alone.
    These health effects include impaired cognitive function in children and several serious illnesses in children and adults.
    EPA estimated the benefits of avoided incidence of IQ loss due to reduced lead exposure to children under the age of 6.
    There are not sufficient data to develop dose-response functions for other health effects in children or for pregnant

  22. How old is this Zahn's building?? I sure hope they check for toxic asbestos otherwise law suits might happen .. this is true what 10:04pm said above...we have to play it safe for all ppl invovled ..one point here if they move to this downtown area they cant build the gardens then what..

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  29. We all know which corporate clan doesn't want rank-and-file residents and their kids near its fancy building. As long as a certain oligarchic tribe controls this town, Walden students will be out of luck. Alas, the kleptoplutocrats shower their grace and favor on trust fund brats who attend a snob snuggery subsidized by the dollar-sign dynasty.

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