April 29, 2010

Homeless shelter needs donated diapers, bedroom furniture

HALO is looking for donations. Here's a note from Stephanie Kolber, HALO's Family Program Manager:
Hello Everyone,

I am writing you this email to ask for your assistance. We are looking for donations of diapers size 5 & 6. We have plently of the other sizes, but are completely out of 5 and 6's. With 22 children in shelter, we are going through the diapers very quickly. If you are able to help please drop off the items at HALO on the women's side. I thank you ahead of time for any help you are able to give.

Please pass this to anyone you think can help.

Thank you again,

Stephanie Kober

Brenda Thomas, development assistant for HALO, added the homeless shelter is looking to replace the furniture in its bedrooms. Here's a note from Thomas:
HALO is looking to do several things this spring:  update our bed stock with heavy duty wooden bunk beds (new, preferably, try Furniture Warehouse on Washington Ave.) and replace much of the dresser stock with solid, sturdy dressers - new or gently used.  After four years, 107 people per night (average) things start to need replacing.  If you are able to help,,,or can forward these requests to other groups/individuals who may be able to help, please feel free to do so. THANK you for supporting and promoting HALO!!


  1. I posted this earlier but it disappeared - do they need women's clothes at the shelter?

  2. . . . as a community service piece, I thought Ms. Kober or anyone else involved would be monitoring this story, but OK, I'll see if someone else wants several big bags of very nice women's clothes . . .

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  4. These numbnuts were at Porters a couple weeks back asking for furniture donations or really cute-rate pricing for them. Ya, rt! I'm sure Porters furniture would fit well in with the undisciplined children and their parents!

  5. When it comes to the homeless, needing help is an every day occurrence. I’ve also found that some of the local charities who care for the homeless in our area have mobile units, which they use to distribute both food and hygeine items to individuals living who may not otherwise have access to them.