April 28, 2010

Academic Bowl challenges Middle Schoolers

 Trinity Lutheran and Racine Christian teams compete, led by moderator Nick Gasau

Racine Lutheran High School hosted its annual Academic Bowl for Concordia Lutheran, Racine Christian, St. John’s Lutheran, and Trinity Lutheran Schools. The Academic Bowl gives middle school students an opportunity to challenge themselves mentally.

 Events included a spelling bee, history projects, a paper airplane flying contest, and a poetry/writing assignment. School teams also participated in a Quiz Bowl event. More than 100 students competed for ribbons and medals in the various categories.

Winning teams in the Quiz Bowl were Racine Christian for the 7th and 8th grade division and Trinity Lutheran for the 5th and 6th grade division.

Winners of the Spelling Bee were Madeline Michael of Trinity for grades 5-6 and Andrea Weise of Trinity for grades 7-8. Taking first place in the airplane contest were Bodie Reinders of Trinity for grade 5, Jessie Barker of St. John’s for grade 6, Cal Martin of Trinity for grade 7, and Zac Cunningham of Trinity for grade 8.

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