April 19, 2010

Mount Pleasant, disabled 10-year-old at odds over ham radio tower

Here's a local story that's ready to go viral. A 10-year-old boy with cerebral palsy is at odds with the Mount Pleasant Village Board over a ham radio tower built in his parents' back yard. The family says they paid permit fees and provided village officials with schematics and photos of the tower's installation (see tower right), but the village now wants the tower taken down.

Here's the press release sent Monday from the family:
Mount Pleasant Ignores State and Federal Law, Intimidates 10 Year Old
Samm Markstrom is a 10-year-old ham radio operator (KC9POP) in Mount Pleasant, WI who has cerebral palsy. Ham radio has helped Samm deal with his disability. Recently, Samm won an award for heroism for his ham radio work. Now The Village of Mount Pleasant wants Samm to stop operating and take down his ham radio tower.
The Mount Pleasant village board has been provided with permit fees, schematics and photos of it's installation. The tower has been inspected by professional engineers and proven it is safe. Also submitted to the board were documents proving the tower is well within FCC regulations. Samm's neighbors signed documents that they are not receiving interference from the tower. The family will meet with the zoning board 2pm Wednesday April 21, 2010.
Regulations of Amateur Radio antenna towers are governed by the Federal Communications Commission and the National Supremacy Clause specifically prohibits local governing bodies from regulating such structures. The FCC has codified this into PRB-1 in 1985. Read the federal law here. The State of Wisconsin also codified this legislation into law in 2001 Wisconsin state statutes ACT 50 2001, 59.69 (4f), 60.61 (3d), 62.23(7) (hf)
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  1. Sounds like a re -run of the Dairy Queen -- RED WHITE & BLUE. Interesting place this Mt. Pleasant high taxes -Not a happy place!

  2. Leave it to Carolyn to pick on a 10 year old disabled boy. Why dont you fix Braun road or do some more planning on the money pit that will be your new throne room. Leave the kid alone.

  3. Frankly, this seems too ridiculous to believe. Presumably, more rational minds will prevail.

  4. Fight it till the end kid, you will prevail! My Grandfather was a ham operator from the area, more power to you! If Mt. PLeasant hasn't already looked foolish with past dealings, this takes the cake! Watch as this goes national!

  5. Hi, I'm Samm's mom, Cathy. We received an email from the village board after this article went up stating that Samm will, indeed have to take his tower down.

    We are letting the village tell Samm that directly to him on Wednesday as his father & I have decided Samm will be present at the meeting.

    Thanks to everyone for your support.

  6. Cathy, I think the Post would love to see that email. Also, why are they forcing you to take it down? What changed between when you paid their fees and now?

  7. I can't believe it. I'm sorry and shocked at these idiots running Mt. Pleasant....good luck.

  8. Rees Roberts4/19/2010 11:49 PM

    I have been a professionally licensed Broadcast as well as Amateur Radio Operator for over 50 years. I have quite a bit of experience on this subject.

    This problem by definition must be resolved to the radio operators position.

    If you read paragraphs 25, 26 and the conclusion in 27 of the Federal PRB-1 document, you will read:

    "Nevertheless, local regulations which involve placement, screening, or height of antennas based on health, safety, or aesthetic considerations must be crafted to accommodate reasonably amateur communications, and to represent the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish the local authority's legitimate purpose.

    26. Obviously, we (the Federal Communication Commission) do not have the staff or financial resources to review all state and local laws that affect amateur operations. We are confident, however, that state and local governments will endeavor to legislate in a manner that affords appropriate recognition to the important federal interest at stake here and thereby avoid unnecessary conflict with federal policy, as well as time-consuming and expensive litigation in this area. Amateur operators who believe that local or state governments have been overreaching and thereby have precluded accomplishment of their legitimate communications goals, may, in addition, use this document to bring our policies to the attention of local tribunals and forums.

    27. Accordingly, the Request for Declaratory Ruling filed July 16, 1984, by the American Radio Relay League, Inc., IS GRANTED to the extent indicated herein"

    What the above means is the Federal Government pre-empts all local and state regulation on antenna tower usage.

    That is the legal issue. The entire country understands this. But the common sense issues, not to mention the public relations damage that again would harm Mt. Pleasant certainly must be taken into consideration.

  9. Storm Racine will be talking about the Bullies in Mt. Pleasant taking on a 10 year old boy and his Ham Radio this Thursday on our POdcast
    This is not going to work out well for that Government. Maybe Brian O'Connell works there part time that enplane a lot

  10. I know the house in question. Looks like garbage with that Big tower out back, and I know the ordinance because I wanted to build a good looking tower and was denied. I feel bad for the kid...seems like he is being dragged into this to further slant the story away from his parents dumb actions.

  11. 8:04

    Please buy a clue.

  12. This story sounds like a South Park episode.....those b@stards!

  13. Mount Pleasant is off base. The Village admits itself it received two complaints of TV interference. This is what started it all? Since when did the Village have the authority or expertise to deal with Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This is why such things are handled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Radio waves are managed by the FCC because they travel across local and state boundaries. This is not only a federal law, but the same verbiage was codified into Wisconsin law in 2001. This is a fight the Village can't win. They are obviously looking for every means possible to help fine people to fund their new over-budget Village Hall. And I will tell you aesthetics have nothing to do with this one. That tower is located across from Kestrel Hawk landfill and in the immediate area are dozens of WE-Energies high voltage power distribution pylons all of which are taller, bigger and uglier than this tower. Not to mention another tower right at the bus company. Mount Pleasant, you are clearly operating just about a half-bubble off plumb. Ultimately the village has no place to stand on this one, they are not an all powerful body capable of enforcing Federal and State law, nor do they have the right to arbitrarily ignore property rights at their every whim.

  14. I am soooo tired of people in power looking for the "weakest link" to tear apart. Well, Samm, fight this until the end - you are the strongest link here! As the parents of an son, also with disabilities, I have faced numerouos challenges with him for years. Maybe there is a kind lawyer out there who would like to do so kind pro bono work. I also think the ADA would like to hear these goings on. Murders, burglaries, drugs, hamm radio issues? Let's get real and try to resolve this issue, not antagonize it.

  15. Definately Bush's and the Johnsons Fault.

  16. Go for it Samm and good luck. I'm sure I am missing a detail or 2, but based on the article and the follow-up chat. It seems like you are in good shape on your issue. Anon 9:47 I disagree with making this a ADA issue. We shouldn't have separate rules for those with disabilities when it comes to Radio Towers, or anything else. ("All men are created equal" in the eyes of the law); It's a sympathetic touch to the story..but Samm's case is either legit or not legit based on the facts, not his disability. If I can come to show support or speak on your behalf tomorrow, I will.

  17. Downtown Brown- I believe you are right about this being based on the facts only. I don't think that there would be this outcry if the ham operator was a fifty year old guy instead of a ten year old with cerebral palsy. Then we would be saying he should be a good neighbor and take down the tower.

  18. 10:03

    And the heroism award? That means nothing? Fact of the matter is the kid is in the right.
    Storm Racine is going to have a field day on this one

  19. 10:21

    I believe that the kid is in the right according to law also.

  20. FYI - if you have actually read the Federal case law on this topic you would see that any municipality has the RIGHT to RESTRICT communications towers, but cannot prohibit them! This is merely a restriction based on the area. There is plenty of other areas within Mt. Pleasant where this tower could be built, thus not prohibiting them. Compliance with Federal and State Law. Period. Seen this all over the nation, and the Village is in the right in my opinion, and of judges all over the country.

  21. I believe theres more things that mt pleasant can put their attention on...why does a little boy have to take down his hamm antenna, that is so lame...Leave him alone, if you had any heart u would understand the importance of him being able to talk on his radio....hes not being any trouble to anyone, go find something else to keep your attention on, like bad roads, or neighborhood watches...

  22. I do not care for the slanted, misinformed, and fear mongering approach that this article has taken. Local government is not perfect by any means, but if the local municipality received two complaints of interference from neighboring residents, the Village has the right to take issue with the tower. The Village isn't going after the boy, you just can't have a tower like that.

    For instance, if the family had sheep in the backyard that made their son feel better and cope with his illness it would still not be acceptable. Yes, that sounds nice and all since the animals help the boy, but you can't have sheep in a residential neighborhood! The same precedent fits here, you just can't have certain things like a 62 foot tower in a residential setting.

    There are many flaws in this article. I have a hard time with the writer's credibility when he can't even get simple dates right... There is no Wednesday April 24, 2010! You might actually want to proofread and check the facts in your article.

    I believe most communities would not allow a tower like that in their subdivision. It's 62 feet high according to the Journal Times article! Are there other towers in subdivisions like this that have ham radio towers that high?? I doubt it. Thats ridiculous.

    It might be a legal tower according to the FCC, but the back yard is simply too small to handle this structure.

    If they had a larger parcel it might be acceptable, but I see they have less than 1/4 acre of land according to the online GIS site. That seems like too high of a structure for such a small piece of land.

    I think it is obvious that the Contractor didn't get the necessary permits. The supposed 'engineer' didnt do his homework and definitely didnt contact zoning, I dont see how zoning would allow this thing to be built!

    The family can have a radio tower, they just can't have a tower this tall. The Village isn't prohibiting the tower, they are restricting it's dimensions, which is legal.

    I also doubt that the National Weather Service needs this tower and 10 year old boy to relay pertinent weather information.

    That tower is quite high and makes the neighborhood look more dumpy than it already is. These types of things in local neighborhoods give it a "white trash" kind of look. I think Racine and the surrounding area doesn't need anymore structures like this to enhance that look... but by looking at google maps I shouldnt be surprised since they live across the street from the landfill...

  23. Tim the Shrubber4/20/2010 11:21 AM

    I think we need to know two things...

    1. In the JT article is says about the father that "a contractor assured him the necessary permits had been acquired before putting it up in 2007."

    Okay. Is this true or not? Since the family did not handle the permits themselves there is a possibility that they were never submitted. It would not be the first time a contractor said one thing and did another.

    2. The JT article also states "the rules would require the tower, which is 62 feet high including the vertical antenna, to be shrunk to less than half that height."

    If the permits were filed in 2007, was this rule in place then? What is the history of this rule?

    Until we know this basic information we cannot really form an intelligent opinion on the issue.

  24. I agree that this tower is way too large and looks like crap. What if everyone erected something like this. Also sounds like this kid's father is a punk who has little or no regard for his neighbors.

    I have to admit that initially my reaction was to slam the board, just because they usually deserve it. Not this time.

  25. Can you see the headline
    in the New York Times

    10 year old HAM Radio hero told to remove Tower.

    How does Mt. Pleasant win? The Town can't the neighbors look like IMHO what they are Ogres.

  26. The parents of the 10-year-old with the illegal tower should have the same legal remedy that the parents of the boy who went to work with his dad and operated the FAA controlled tower at Kennedy or La Guardia International airport in New York within the last couple months. Perhaps there is a job opening at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee which could combine "feel good" with gainful employment. God Bless America.

  27. What next? Communications with Aliens? Are there any support letters from Aliens?

  28. What I would like to know is how much time Samm spends on the radio, versus how much time dad spends on the radio. According to the JT article, the father is the ham radio coordinator for Racine. While I am behind them in their fight, I am set to wonder if the father is simply using his son's disability as a shield to keep his 62ft tower.

    I know children get into the same activities as their parents, but seriously how much time does he spend on that radio daily? What is the ratio of time Samm is making contacts versus how much time his father is using the rig?

    I'm not trying to falsely accuse them of any wrong doing, so please don't misconstrue my past as such. I am simply asking an honest question as to how much time Samm truly spends utilizing the equipment versus how much dad does.

  29. Good Point 11:50, I was thinking the same thing. It seems like the father is using his son for an emotional plea so that he can get his way of keeping the tower up as is.

    And 11:13, "I also doubt that the National Weather Service needs this tower and 10 year old boy to relay pertinent weather information." That's HILARIOUS! LOL

  30. Ah...unquestioningly reprinting a press release. I guess old journalistic habit die hard.

  31. As far as people jumping on the National Weather Service relaying, you are all in the wrong here. NWS relies on trained spotters to relay information to their centers. Traditionally, HAM operators volunteer themselves into service to relay said information.

    To put it more bluntly, NWS relies on HAMS (just like Sam) to relay pertinent weather information for key events in their area. HAMs are some of the people who help give you that extra couple minutes of lead time to get your fat arses down in the basement so you don't get blown away by a tornado. Show some respect on that angle.

    You may think that they are geeks or dorks because they get into ham radio as a hobby, but the bottom line is they volunteer their time to help keep you safe. What have you done, aside from gripe about an aesthetically unpleasing antennae tower?

    This family volunteers their personal time to use their hobby for the greater good of people around them. All you people do is gripe because you don't like to look at an ugly tower. You live next to a landfill, FFS. I think the smell from that is a little more overpowering than a 62 foot tower.

  32. When is enough actually enough? How long are we going to take punishment from our elected & hired oficials. They work for us, no themselves. We must act to change the way things are by not allowing it anymore. Email & call repeatedly to your elected officials demanding change today. They are beating the horse that is carrying them.

  33. Good Luck Kid.

    You have a potential battle on your hands. There are definitely some protections here but in the long run you can still operate quite successfully at 40'. What i find interesting is the complaints on here about trashiness and if every house had one of those towers... well... in my neighborhood there are towers on every house. The only difference is that they are for TV not HAM which is funny because the TV towers typically are trashier, bent, rusted and not even used.

    Keep up the good work kid. Hope everyone can come to some workable agreement here.


  34. Like the Dairy Queen owner, these parents have successfully framed the issue.

    The DQ owner falsely claimed that he would lose his franchisee license if he didn’t change the color of the building. The JT should have realized that that claim didn’t sound right, and given DQ headquarters the opportunity to refute that claim. But the JT rushed the story to print, correcting it later. It wouldn't have been much of a story if it was just a businessman ignoring the zoning laws.

    The DQ owner painted the building in red, white and blue because he was told that that would increase his sales. But the issue was somehow framed as patriotism. Using the US flag or the flag’s colors to increase your sales is commercialism not patriotism.

    The parents of this boy are both amateur radio operators KC9EOW and KB9MMA. Did they really build this large tower three years ago for the son, or for themselves?

    The stories tout his age, disability and his award for heroism. Relaying weather reports is fine work, but is it really heroism? Isn’t this an example of “grade inflation” that most people posting here would be objecting to in another setting? Of all of the radio operators that have been doing this volunteer work for years, why did this boy get the award? And why did he receive the award now, just before the zoning issue comes up for a decision? Could it be because his mother is on the staff of the organization that gave the award?

  35. "To put it more bluntly, NWS relies on HAMS (just like Sam) to relay pertinent weather information for key events in their area. HAMs are some of the people who help give you that extra couple minutes of lead time to get your fat arses down in the basement so you don't get blown away by a tornado. Show some respect on that angle."

    Ha! Awesome, this is my favorite quote of the day.

  36. This is getting interesting. A lot of "FACTS" floating around. You can tell some are friends and some are neighbors.

  37. I am quite taken back that conscientious parents would reside so closely to a regional landfill containing radioactive waste.

  38. Radioactive waste?

  39. Lots of "FACTS" floating around.

  40. Yes, some of us are friends. Someone has to educate you people on how communication works. Someone has to educate you people on how volunteer emergency responders work. Someone has to educate you on laws the FCC has put in place to protect amateur operators.

    You know how when you go to a large event, and there are people directing traffic? Volunteer HAMs. You know how when there's an emergency, and police/fire have to leverage members of the public to assist in communication? Volunteer HAMs. You know how the news stations always talk about weather spotters and how they relay vital information to NWS so they can trigger the tornado sirens in your 'hood? Volunteer HAMs.

    You might think it's trashy, but that trash and the likes of those trashy people have helped save countless lives, just when it comes to weather alone. You think some hook echo on a radar is all thats needed to get a warning out to you? What about when the doppler is taken out by a microburst? What about when a tornado takes out that cell tower your phone connects to, and you can't call for help?

    Is it ugly to you? Sure. What can you do about it? Look away then cry like a little girl with a skinned knee. Why not throw your address out there so we can come critique the collection of crack pipes you have in your yard? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and crackheads complaining about technology they know nothing about should go back to school and get edumacated.

  41. Hahahaaa this is a really entertaining blog, it goes from Dairy queen, to an emotional story about a father (ill boy) who loves his HAM radio tower, to a crazy Village who is out to get you, to who should report weather to the NWS, landfills with radioactive waste, then aliens... Too Funny! I love small town drama. Honestly its not that big of a deal and will blow over quick

  42. FYI - I believe the correct spelling is "edgumakated"

  43. Ok people, enough with the sarcastic remarks and all the negative comments, lets stick to the facts here

  44. What "FACTS"?? Im not really seeing any facts in this article...

  45. Good point James.

  46. Look at it this way though.. To give people directions to your house you can just tell them to follow their noses until they can see the radioactive glow of the landfill. Once there, turn left and look for the giant ugly antennae. We're XX houses down on the left/right - the one with all the crackpipes laying in our yard. Be careful of the curbs though, cause they cause damage to 62" rims on Escalades.

  47. Jim the Irish Pubber4/20/2010 5:06 PM

    Tim the Shrubber, you are an ignorant fool.

    Ok, I've finally come out and said it publicly. I have been noticing the complete ignorance of Tim the Shrubber's posts for months now, and couldn't contain myself any longer.

  48. Do people seriously even use these ham radios in 2010? Haven't they heard of that thing called "the Internet"??

  49. HAM radio is the original social networking, you doorknob.

  50. Thats true, I meet all my ladies over the HAM radio. giggity ;)

  51. During the next emergency, when your power goes out, when cellular phone service no longer works, who do you think is prepared to provide emergency communications? Amateur Radio, while a hobby, has been recognized for a century with the allocation of frequencies for their use simply because the amateur service promotes emergency communications. Do not be so quick to condemn these folks who spend thousands of their own money to, yes enjoy a hobby, but when the xxxx hits the fan, they will be the ones you will go to for help. Call it insurance or whatever you want but ignorant comments like this are why the people at Mt. Pleasant are making the decisions they are. They need to be more informed. Unfortunately, they usually find out this way or in court. I hope it doesn't come to this. They may have the right to regulate things but that doesn't mean they will get what is in the best interest of Mt. Pleasant citizens. There is simply more to all this than meets the eye. I suggest to Mt. Pleasant they tread lightly on this one.

  52. HAM radios are necessary and very useful, but a 62ft tower in a small residential backyard is over the top. Its nice of them to want to warn Mt Pleasant of severe weather etc. but they dont need to warn the entire Racine/Kenosha area

  53. I am going to start Twittering this story and ask readers to call MT. Pleasant and share their thoughts. I expect many will.
    Time to bring it to the fools that run that Village

  54. Tim the Shrubber4/20/2010 6:08 PM

    "Tim the Shrubber, you are an ignorant fool."

    Yeah...fools always want the facts of a story to be clear before making an opinion...so so foolish to want facts. Unsubstantiated opinion is always the wiser choice. {sarcasm}

    Seriously? What is so foolish about wanting to know..
    1) were the permits actually filed?
    2) Was the rule being used against the tower's height in place in 2007 when it was built?

    Neither the JT article or the RP post make this clear.

  55. First of all "Tim the Shrubber, is not an ignorant fool."
    Him comments are always well thought out and while I sometimes (often?_ don't agree with him, he has a rational reason for his comments. He is also one of the few who actually uses an identifiable id on this blog.
    Anyway this was an excellent discussion with reasoned opinions on both sides. People brought up issues I was not aware of that made me stop and consider my original position. Great job All (or most of you).

  56. Rees Roberts4/20/2010 11:42 PM


    "Carl said...

    HAM radios are necessary and very useful, but a 62ft tower in a small residential backyard is over the top. Its nice of them to want to warn Mt Pleasant of severe weather etc. but they dont need to warn the entire Racine/Kenosha area"

    This is a perfect example of someone making a comment without understanding the least thing they are commenting on.

    First, on uhf and vhf frequencies the higher your antenna the further you can communicate. Communication to sites such as the NOAA weather bureau at Sullivan, Wisconsin, which is located in Jefferson County, requires either high power or a high antenna or sometimes, during bad tropospheric conditions, both are required.

    Second, Carl's comment indicating the tower height is not required because "they dont need to warn the entire Racine/Kenosha area" proves his lack of understanding.

    The hams never communicate directly with the public. Their role is to provide informed information to the NOAA weather bureau in Sullivan, Wisconsin who in turn will take the provided information and, if warranted, warn the citizens of the area with, for example, a tornado warning.

    This system has been in place for a number of decades and works well. But if people like Carl or people on local planning committees start making decisions based on this type of ill informed view it will only hurt the citizens of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area.

    This is precisely why the Amateur Radio service is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission instead of local planning committees.

  57. I agree with the statement Tim the Shrubber is an ignorant fool!

  58. It's kind of strange to see why this story is actually making the news... I've never heard of a story like this before. There are many HAM radio operators in SE WI, but I wonder how many of them have a 62 ft radio tower in their small back yard?

    I respect how the radio operators want to practice there hobby and provide a service to the public through contacting local authorities or NWS in case of emergencies, but Im sure all of the other radio operators in residential areas in Racine and Mt. Pleasant have radio towers or antennas that are of reasonable height in their yards.

    I do see antennas of varying sorts in neighborhoods around the area, but I only see these larger antennas in more open areas, not in small back yards in a residential setting. I think if the family just lowers the radio tower by 20 or 30 feet, and increases their transmitting power they shouldnt have too much difficulty contacting Sullivan or other local authorities in case of emergency.

    They probably built the radio tower to be so high in order to overcome interference when they were transmitting. They are in a bad transmitting location which is right next to the landfill and the high voltage power lines.

    I think its just too dang tall for the neighbors in that area, and for zoning codes. If all the other HAM operators in Mt. Pleasant/Racine dont have radio towers this high, why would this guy be allowed to keep his so high? Strange.

  59. Good point Roger,

    Im sure a lot of the local HAM operators in Mt. Pleasant would love to make their antennas or radio towers much higher to improve their transmitting range. If this guy is allowed to keep his large tower up, Im sure more HAM operators would be more inclined to put up a large tower in their yard. Im guessing thats what the people at Mt. Pleasant are thinking.

    I bet in the Village officials minds they know that if they let this guy leave his large radio tower up, more people will be able or wanting to put larger structures of this type up in their residential areas.

    If the Village decides to have the radio tower reduced in height, it will set a precedent for the community. If more people build things like this, it will be harder to keep the neighbors of these people safe and unaffected by these taller towers. Plus with lower radio towers, it makes for a better aesthetic look for the community.

    Keep in mind that the Village is not going to ban the family from having or using a HAM radio with an antenna, they just want them to have a shorter tower

  60. I think Jason and George are the same person. Your attempt at egging on the argument is in poor taste. This is not a game nor is it for your amusement.

  61. I meant to say Jason and Roger.

  62. Radio waves run "line of sight". The higher the tower, the LESS interference there will be. Oh, and my TV is unlicensed, they are licensed. And I live in the neighborhood, I don't hear them, I hear the CB'er down the block with the illegal amp over my phones.

  63. The facts need to come out on this 62 foot thing. Did the poor kid's father really get a permit to build it? Towers built with a permit are far enough away from houses so that they can fall down without crushing houses or people. Towers built with a permit are inspected during construction to be certain they are built to acceptable standards....before they are completed.

  64. "4) The Village has received complaints that the HAM radio operation is posing potential
    television reception concerns."

    From the Village's own letter... This immediately removes all discussion and makes it a Federal Issue.

  65. This is an interesting tid bit that was entered as an opinion when the FCC was originally considering PRB-1.

    This was before the national security world we live in post 9-11. This was 1984-85.

    A link to PRB-1 can be found in the original article, it's directly from the FCC's website, I suggest reading it in its entirety.

    "10. The Department of Defense (DOD) supported the ARRL and emphasized in its comments that continuesd success of existing national security and emergency preparedness telecommunications plans involving amateur stations would be severely diminished if state and local ordinances were allowed to prohibit the construction and usage of effective amateur transmission facilities. DOD utilizes volunteers in the Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS)4, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). It points out that these volunteer communicators are operating radio equipment installed in their homes and that undue restrictions on antennas by local authorities adversely affected their efforts. DOD states that the responsiveness of these volunteer systems would be impaired if local ordinances interfere with the effectiveness of these important national telecommunication resources. DOD favors the issuance of a ruling that would set limits for local and state regulatory bodies when they are dealing with amateur stations."

  66. From what I have seen the Mt. Pleasnt board is litle more then glorified communists I mean No Red, White and Blue really? anti-patrits and some of the Anonymous comments sounds much to me like board members reaferming there rederick I mean "The size of the yeard is to small to support a tower that high" What??? how in any way dose that that make any sence at all that is just foolisness I know they are smartet then to beileve that themself