March 28, 2010

Porshe: A cat named after the place she was found

Maggie Skovera, rescue coordinator at Countryside Humane Society, tells us the story of this little cat:
 I was working very late one night and heard a car pull up in the parking lot. I thought I had all the doors locked but then I thought I heard a door open. When I investigated, I did not find anything... but the porch door was unlocked.

The next day, this kitten came came strolling in from the porch like she owned the place. I can only imagine the car I heard was someone dumping the cat on our porch. We named her Porshe; she's a 4-year-old female Maine Coon mix. A declawed, spayed brown tabby.

She is very laid back and has a sweet disposition. She has been here at CHS since Oct. 26, 2009. We have put Porshe in different settings so she has not been caged that entire time. She is a staff favorite and we all hope she will soon find her "forever home."

To see whether Porshe is your cat, visit Countryside Humane Society at 2706 Chicory Road.

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