March 29, 2010

Libertarian Joseph Kexel running against Ryan, again

Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, gained a second opponent today, should he decide to run for a seventh term in Congress.
Joseph Kexel, the Libertarian candidate in the 2008 Congressional election who received 1% of the vote, announced today that he is running again. Paulette Garin of Kenosha, who came in second in the four-way Democratic primary that year, losing to Marge Krupp who got 35% of the vote in the general election, has also talked about a re-run.

Kexel, 45, a self-employed information technology consultant of Kenosha writes:

I am running for Paul Ryan's congressional seat. I am running as a Libertarian, so I will not be kicking Paul from the ballot. If he is on the ballot in November that is up to him and the voters in the Republican primary. Personally, having spoken with him at forums during the 2008 campaign, I like him. He would make a great neighbor, but having served over a decade in Washington he has become a career politician. If you ask me what my profession is, I would tell you it is being a businessman. Currently, that is in Information Technology support. Do you really think Paul Ryan could say anything else than Congressman?

As a Libertarian I have a very strong opinion that liberty must extend as far as possible. I, also, feel that responsibility is the powerful counter-balance to that liberty. Owning a gun may be a right, but society can hold you responsible for murder or improper use of your firearm. Only virtuous people can be allowed to be free for they can govern themselves.

As for my run for Congress, my platform is pretty much the Constitution of the United States. I have reviewed many of the votes Paul Ryan has made. Some I am sure you agree with, some I am sure you don't. However, I have to ask the question, "Are these even authorized by the Constitution?" If Congress stayed true to the Constitution, Paul Ryan would be paid at most $50K and have a real job back here in Wisconsin!

Much that Washington does is supposed to be done by the states. We have two important tasks ahead of us. We must get back to the Constitution and successfully petition our state to do its job without federal money.

I have mailed in my Declaration of Candidacy to the state election board and will likely be in the database next week.


  1. Time for the TEA Party to take down Paul Ryan. He voted for the bank bailout. I like the guy, but that can't be forgiven. Joe will be serving Paul Ryan tea in November!

    Go Joe, go!

  2. I'm a Conservative and I'm excited about this. Paul Ryan represents a lot of my values, but I also strongly believe in term limits. Joe being in the race allows me to vote my conscience. A vote for Joe is a vote for a solid Conservative, so I don't anything there.

    Sorry Paul, you've done a mostly good job, but we need term limits so my vote is for Joe.

  3. Interesting. The thing that always got me about Ryan is that he's only a conservative when he's got backup. Obamacare - he was against and Stimulus he was against, but only because Republicans as a group decided to unite in opposition. When his conservatism was really put to the test was on the bank bailout. He and some other Republicans voted yes. That was the moment of truth. Paul Ryan didn't have the safety of the rest of his party and he folded.

  4. It isn't that Paul Ryan isn't conservative enough, it is that he was conservative enough when it mattered.

    Take the country back!

  5. You are all nuts - you would vote out Ryan and let a Democrat win.

    How stupid can you be?

  6. Paul Ryan has 1 1/2 million in his war chest from the insurance industry - guess who he represents? He voted 90+% with George Bush and was solidly for the war. He never complained about the big debts then. He wants to go back to the Bush plan of 5 1/2 years ago and do away with social security. His road map with pot holes in it is smoke and mirrors and will cost much more than the Obama plan and put many people in economic peril. Ryan is now only a one issue candidate - his disastrous economic ideas that will leave many people in poverty. He has done nothing to help create jobs, and work for the middle class. It's time to elect somebody who will really represent us!

  7. Let us all unit behind some boso who can't win. Then when another Demo is elected we really can bitch.

    You people have read MR Angry once too often.

  8. This is really the first time that I can vote on the bank bail out that Paul Ryan voted for. Conservatives have their integrity put to the test on this vote. If we the people don't vote against Ryan for this now, then we can never complain about national debt, socialism, and term limits ever again.

    Joe has the support of the TEA Party. We the people will take back our government. Paul Ryan has to go. Joe can win if we vote on our principles.

  9. All incumbants must go! That includes Paul Ryan!

    Now you get to deal with the Racine Tea Party and LiberTEA, Paul. Check your ass for boils cause the Tea Party is turning up the heat!

  10. The libs pretending to be tea partiers! Will wonders never cease?

  11. I'm tired of this two party town. We need more candidates and I salute this guy for taking on the Republican poster boy Paul Ryan. Let's give him a chance to be heard before rushing to judgement. I'd like to hear more about his ideas. He at least started it right - stick to the Constitution!

  12. "How stupid can you be?"

    A dangerous question to ask on Racine Post.

  13. I like Paul Ryan. He's a stand up guy.
    I'd like to hear some of Joe's ideas and how, as a freshman representative, he'll get them done!
    One of the advantages to "career" politicians, is they know the inside track in Washington and can get things done. Does this justify keeping Paul? No.
    But I'd rather have Paul's conservatism fighting against the kenyan president's agenda.

  14. This race is between Paul Ryan and Joe Kexel over who will be not only conservative in name, but conservative in their vote too.

    I said I was an independant all along, and that means considering all candidates. So far I like what Kexel has to say. I'll give him an honest chance for my vote.

  15. Good Luck Joe!!

  16. I know Joe wouldn't vote for the bailout. He's got my vote.

  17. With more than a million and a half in the bank and a gerrymandered district Mother Theresa could not beat Ryan.

  18. OK OK first off The bailout was definitively needed and if you disagree with that you should move to North Korea I’m sure they don’t have bail outs there nor enough goods and services to sustain the way you live in the great US of A. That does not mean I support Paul Ryan in any way, on the contrary I believe that he should be ousted from his congressional seat because of his proposed roadmap to the future which suggested essentially trickle down economics similar to Reagan’s ideas in the 80’s. The effect of this plan would increase the inequality gap and reduce the middle and lower classes quality of life, as well as propel the United States further into debt. In a constituency, which holds Racine, a city that has the second largest unemployment rate in the state! It is absolutely ludicrous to support or even propose a plan like this. Clearly he doesn't check his homework. I suggest you guys read further into Congressman Ryan’s plan because it seems that no one has paid much attention to its economic effects but rather, they have given him credit for merely suggesting a conservative new classical economic approach to the healthcare bill. Perhaps it was a publicity stunt to gain voters knowing that he would have no ability to get the roadmap passed either way I have no sympathy for his actions I voted for Paul in the past but this year is different and he clearly is out of touch with proper economic policies. And to all the naysayers who would argue that he has a degree in economics so he understands these things need to realize there are two sides to every story conservative and liberal. Economists having their arguments their models both with their own individual flaws. Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources, where preferences decide economic decisions. You could have a larger economy with less regulation, more inequality, and more risk, or would you prefer a slightly smaller economy with regulation, improved equality (hey now, we still need incentives for people to work hard), and less risk of financial collapse. I for one prefer that of the slightly smaller because the marginal utility by giving economic relief in the form of tax cuts to someone who is rich is much smaller than the marginal utility of giving economic relief to that of a poor person. Think about it, and if you can’t understand what I just said think about researching economics as a past time you will gain much more than knowledge, but the ability to fully comprehend decisions made by those who operate our nation’s government.

  19. If everyone who is going to vote for Ryan, decides to vote for Joe, how does the Democrat win?

    Reasons to not vote for Paul:
    —He voted for the Iraq war.
    —He voted for the Patriot Act.
    —He lead the charge out of Congress demanding the bail out of the financial institutions right after Congress turned it down.

    If you like all of that...well you are getting it—and from a conservative to boot.

    Not only that, but Ryan is becoming the darling of the Republican Party, so you can expect a lot more of that, even if the Republicans take back control of Congress and the White House.

    I think it is time to put a scare into all of them and give the libertarians like Joe (who would be voting against all of the above) a whole bunch of votes.