February 24, 2010

Students to rally for immigration reform

Local high school students continue to push for immigration reform. They'll join 200 students in Milwaukee today to call for more opportunities for immigrants who work locally, but are in the U.S. illegally.

The students will rally this afternoon in front of the Federal Courthouse and then mark to the offices of Senators Kohl and Feingold.

Here's a press release from Voces de la Frontera on the rally:
Students Demand Senate Action for Immigration Reform

Milwaukee, WI- "Immigration reform is urgently needed. Families are being ripped apart by unjust deportations, fathers are terrified to drive their children to school because they are denied access to licenses, and students are dreading June graduations because they fear they may have no way to go to college. Our communities are in crisis and we are tired of being ignored. We need legislation now." says Mario Gomez, a senior at Pius XI High School, and a member of Youth Empowered in the Struggle (Y.E.S.!). YES!, which used to be known as SUFRIR, is the youth component of local organization Voces de la Frontera.

Gomez and approximately 200 other students will gather in front of the Federal Courthouse, 517 E Wisconsin Avenue, on Wednesday February 24, 2010 to deliver over 1,000 signatures to both Senators Kohl and Feingold asking the introduction of immigration reform legislation in the Senate. Lisa Vang, a senior at Riverside High School and also a member of YES, adds "there has been no action in the Senate on immigration reform. Our Wisconsin Senators have supported immigration reform in the past and we are now calling on them to show some leadership."

The planned student action reflects the anger and frustration of many who were expecting legislative action on immigration reform in 2009. "Latinos came out in record numbers to vote in 2008. We're frustrated because immigration reform brought us to the polls and nothing is getting done about it. It's time to see some movement in the Senate," says Erica Ramirez, a college junior and first time voter in 2008. "Promises were made and our legislators and president need to be true to their word."

Demonstrators will meet at 3:45pm Wednesday in front of Senator Feingold's office at 517 E. Wisconsin Ave. Students will march up Wisconsin Avenue toward Senator Kohl's office, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave, and will end with a rally at St. John's Cathedral.

What: Press Conference and March
Where: Federal Courthouse, 517 E Wisconsin Avenue
Time: 3:45pm


  1. I understand many illegals are moving back on ther own since jobs are lacking and unemployment so high.
    As well with 10%+ (much higher really) unemployment it's much harder for illegals to find jobs. Not crying too hard here

  2. Total rubbish. The test scores from Unifed and MPS are abominable, yet we support crap like this?

    Our society deserves what it will get in these students.